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Branch 94 is currently on a membership drive and is looking for people interested in joining our branch.

There are many excellent reasons why you should consider joining Greenfield Park Branch 94 Royal Canadian Legion. This web site can supply you with much of the information you need if you are considering joining the Legion. From our main menu (in the upper left hand column of this page) you can click the 'Membership' link to get information regarding why you should join, who is eligible to join, how to join and much more.

You may even download a membership application form to your computer that you may fill in at your leisure and then submit that form to Branch 94.

Many of your questions can be answered on this web site.

Should you have any additional questions or require information, you may visit or call our branch.

Greenfield Park Branch 94 is a very well respected organization in our community and looks forward to continued growth.

It is to your benefit to find out if you are eligible to join.


We have just what you need. Our hall is conveniently located and attractively priced. See our hall rental page for information.



Monday to Friday
1 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Weekends: 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Holidays excluded





Firstly, on behalf of the entire executive and appointed committee members, who do our utmost to ensure that Branch 94 is a Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, to be reckoned with, I would like to thank our comrades, the members of Branch 94, for their vote of confidence.

Branch 94 has thrived for as long as I can remember and I am certain way before that, to maintain our membership and build a solid relationship and friendship with our Veterans, Comrades and our Community.  We have been in the past and still are to this date, very fortunate to have dedicated volunteers that strive for the betterment of The Royal Canadian Legion, through our branch.  Our Building Committee continues to work very hard to repair and maintain our Branch to a level that we can all be proud of.

The Coverall in the past and this News Letter and its contents is a prime example of my comments above.


Yours in Comradeship, Cheryl Moores, your President


The Honours and Awards for 2016 were held on January 28th, 2017.  The selection committee consists of comrades   Andrea Main (Chairperson), Julia Shapcott and Jean Harrison.

There was a modest but very dedicated and attentive audience including personal friends of award recipients to offer support and congratulations.  The Master-of-Ceremony was Comrade Andrea Main.

Comrade Main opened the event with the comment that again this year, she would like to follow a dialogue that would keep the proceedings light and fun.  However, Comrade Main asked for the audience's indulgence because she wanted to remind everyone of the importance of following the timeline for nominating candidates and providing the criteria for eligibility.   She continued with:

 "Some awards must be approved by Provincial and/or Dominion Command.  Therefore we must leave ourselves sufficient time to prepare our lists and ensure that our recommendations conform to the guidelines spelled out in the Honours and Awards Manual published by Dominion Command."

In addition to branch members and guests, there was a special group in attendance this year, namely, twelve members of the Quebec chapter of the Canadian Vietnam Veterans.  They wore the signature leather vests of their motorcycle club with the 'patch name' North Riders.  They were invited because they were also being honoured with an award.

The official agenda for the evening began with the presentation of Medals and Bars. 


Fred Goodall
Past President's Medal & Bar + Lapel Pin
Claudette Lapointe
Bar 2nd Vice President
Harold Rye
Past Officer's Medal & Bar 3rd Vice President
William Wight
Past Officer's Medal & Bar (Executive Committee)



Francine Cantwell
Bar Treasurer
Rose Quin
Past Officer's Medal & Bar Secretary
Mary Thibert
Past Officer's Medal & Bar Executive committee + Bar Sick & Visiting



The next category was the presentation of Certificates of Appreciation to members and friends of the Branch who participated in the Poppy campaign for the first time.


This certificate is only given once, the first time someone goes out to sell poppies. There are five non-members:

Christine Wright
Frances Buchanan
Vivianne Di Cesare
Nancy Kirkwood
Andrea Marin-Voisine
Robin Dalton
Kenneth Uzenko
Agnes Driver
Jean Laroche
Linda Laroche
Micheline Lemay
Frederic Richardet
Gladys Richardet
Gilles Larin
Rosemary Larin
Garnet Roberts
David Young
Nicole Desormeaux
Christine Deweerd
Thelma Lorion
Levi Pauley
Richard Rodger


Here is a list of the 1979 Greenfield Park Cadet Corps who sold Poppies, helped serve the meal at the Remembrance supper or marched in the Remembrance parade. They also receive a certificate for the first time they have participated:


Cpl Cedrik Zavala Ruiz
Cdt Remi Leclerc
Cadet Ning Ye Lane
Cpl Christian Lafferty
Cdt Dorian Tchinda Kamte
Cdt Mina Hana
Cpl Hamza Befouel
Cdt Hayley Ruthman
Cdt Aissam Bouazza
Cdt Erika Meyers
Cdt Katrina Morris
Sgt Xiao Fan
Cpl Jarad Thompson
Cdt Eddie Chen
Cpl Benoit Giroux Jr
Cdt Khristopher Reardon



The following awards may not be in the order of presentation; however, they are in recognition of Branch members for their outstanding contribution to the Branch and the community.


These certificates were awarded to:

Michelle Allard Rita Gosselin Ann Broden Joan Cleary




Raymond Lee

The Certificate of Merit was awarded to Raymond Lee in recognition of his dedication of his time and labour and for always being available to help with any task at the Branch.  For many years Raymond has given his time to the Ladies Auxiliary and Legion events by helping with set up, cleaning up and serving tables.  At the community level, Raymond has helped with the Christmas Basket Campaign and the Mike Reid Softball Tournament.  In sports, Raymond coached the Greenfield Park Packers and brought a bantam team to a Provincial Championship; the first for a Greenfield Park team.




Joyce Caron
Glenn Cantwell

The Quebec Command Achievement Award was presented to each of these members for their years of devoted service to the Branch and the community.

Joyce Caron has been actively involved with the Senior Lunch program, the weekly card groups, volunteer drivers and telephone committee.  Joyce's benevolent work extends outside the Branch through regular hospital visits, home visits and an untiring devotion to people in need.

Glenn Cantwell served the Branch for many years on building maintenance (sometimes alone), helped the Ladies Auxiliary and worked on Branch events.  He also assumed responsibility for lowering and raising of the flag when circumstances warranted.  In the community, he helped with the Meals on Wheels program and Christmas Baskets.  Glenn also served for many years on the Executive Committee.




The final award of the night was the Friendship Award, which requires approval by Dominion Command.  This was a group award given to the Canadian Vietnam Veterans (Quebec) in recognition of their active involvement with the Veterans at Ste-Anne's Hospital.  For ten year or more, this group of vets has been coordinating their visits with Branch 94 members who organize an annual summer picnic at Ste-Anne's Veterans Hospital.  They help serve the meal and drinks to veterans, sit and talk with the resident vets, get them up to dance and assist those in wheelchairs.  Many of the wives and children accompany them on these outing.  Stephane Corbeil, President of the Quebec Chapter, accepted the Friendship Plaque on behalf of the group.

With the Branch Awards' presentation being concluded, Comrade Main acknowledged that Comrade Jack Gammon had recently received the Commendation Pin from the Department of Veterans' Affairs at previous time and at an alternate venue.
Comrade Main ended the official portion of the evening with the words: 

'Let's party!'

Music was provided by Greg Innis, and dancing followed. 


Much of the success of Branch 94 comes from the regular activities that bring members and non-members in to the Branch.  One such activity is the Senior Lunch Program.  Every Wednesday, between 55 and 70 people show up for lunch.  The soup is homemade and the sandwiches are freshly made that day.  This activity is as much about getting out and visiting as it is about the food.

This program was started in 1993 by Gerry Moores (deceased), Ethel Davidson (deceased) and Andrea Main.  Ted Hemming managed the finances for five (5) years up to the year 2014.  When, in 2014, it appeared that the lunch program was at risk of folding, a group of Branch members consisting of Andrea Main, Baden Barraclough, Sue Monk, Joyce Monk and Joe Rodger made a commitment to reorganize and keep the program going.  They were soon able to recruit additional volunteers who still contribute to its success today.

On behalf of the grateful patrons, we would like to acknowledge and thank all those who volunteer their time to this worthwhile program.  Everyone involved does more than one job including inventory, shopping for supplies, making soup, setting up and cleaning up.  Two volunteers, Joyce Caron and Joe Rodger, are the early birds who arrive before everyone else to prepare the coffee and tea and begin setting tables.  Throughout the morning, every team member pitches in wherever they are needed.  At the end of the meal, some of the leftover soup is sold in take-out containers.  The remaining soup is left to cool, and then stored away by Richard Amos (bartender). A sincere Thank You goes out to all those who work so diligently to provide seniors with such a great mid-week break.

The following people make up the Wednesday Senior Lunch Team:

SOUP: Donna Demick, Fred Goodall, Ted Hemming
SANDWICHES:  Barbara Grant, Sue Monk
COFFEE/TEA:  Joe Rodger, Joyce Carron
KITCHEN PREP:  Beverley Morley, Helena St. Germain
WELCOME - CASH ORDERS: Joyce Caron, Andrea Main, Noreen Toner
SERVERS: Joyce Caron, Noreen Toner
SOUP SALES:  Joe Rodger
DISHWASHERS: Baden Barraclough, Bob Demick, John Burn, Bill Wight


Bon appétit!



Another regular activity that brings people in to the Branch is Friday Morning 'Coffee'.  The official name is Black Gold and Texas Tea.  Like any activity, BG&TT requires organization and administration.  The administrative team consists of Don Ridewood, Albert Coccia and Wayne Maybury.  Each week there is food provided at no charge to patrons, in the form of fresh bagels, croissants and occasionally hot smoked meat sandwiches.  All the food is provided by the owners of Piazza Pazza. 

The only cost to patrons is the price of a cup of coffee or tea.  Lately and regardless of the weather, there are 60+ people who show up every Friday.

It is difficult to know if people show up for the coffee, the comradeship or the half and half draw.  What started as a simple draw for half the money collected and perhaps a gas card that someone had donated has turn into a mini flea market.  Albert Coccia, who is MC for the draw and weekly announcements, has a knack of finding new and used treasures to give away each week.

The funds generated from the draw and private donations find their way back to the Branch to fund projects that benefit veterans.  They also contribute to the general maintenance of the Legion and special projects to enhance the Branch.
Our thanks to this team of three and to all those who have made Friday 'Coffee' the success that is has become.




Music in the lounge occurs regularly from September to June.  One of these events occurs on the last Sunday of every month and features the songs and music stylings of a group of gentlemen with a bit of 'country' in their soles  They play mostly traditional country numbers but also throw in a mix of favourites from the 70's and 80's.

Where else could you go and hear a live band that plays continuously from 13h00 to 17h00 on any given Sunday.  There could be anywhere from 6 to 10 musicians depending on who's available.  First they are Gentlemen then they become 'County Gentlemen': Lew brown, Paul Boudreau, Rick Hall, Eddie Boudreau, Ron Gill, Jim Young, Mark Boudreau, Jack McDonald and Peter Doonan.  

They like to refer to these get-togethers as jam sessions rather than a band performance.  There is no prearranged play list.  They simply pick songs that they like as they go along.  There is no cover charge or donation required.  Members and guest can just sit back and enjoy the music.  From time to time, a guest singer/musician will be invited to join the group and perform a few numbers.

On January 29h, 2017, the Country Gentlemen played to a packed house.  Throughout the winter months, Sunday dinners, prepared by volunteers as part of the Ways and Means, are served in the hall at 18h00 on last Sunday of the month.  Tickets must be purchased in advance.  It is a great way to culminate an afternoon of music among friends and acquaintances.

The second country session for 2017 was held on February 26th.  A modest but enthusiastic crowd of about 40 had gathered to enjoy live music in the lounge.
If you haven't experienced one of these jam sessions, come on down and give a listen.  The 'good ole boys' are a talented bunch that truly enjoys the music they play.





One of Branch 94's beloved veterans turned ninety years of age on February 12, 2017.  It was truly an event to celebrate and a celebration it was.  A crowd of about 75 gathered in the lounge on  Sunday afternoon.  Most everyone had arrived ahead of the guest of honour.  Joe Rodger’s son, Rick, kept a lookout from the cloak room.  At 15h00, Rick announced that his dad had arrived and would be entering the lounge in two seconds.  Without any prompting, everyone counted off in unison: "one-two", to which his son responded, "he's late as usual", followed by laughter all around.  Joe stepped into the lounge to a thunderous applause; everyone on their feet.  Joe didn't even flinch.  He just broke into a big smile that he carried for the rest of the afternoon.  A celebration cake was brought in at 15h40.  Rick took the floor to congratulate his dad, and to thank everyone for showing up for this well-deserved tribute and asked everyone to raise a glass to his dad and wished him  'Happy Birthday'.

Among the guests were fellow veterans: Bill St-Germain, Percy Jackson, Ted Newbury and Jack Gammon.

Joe made the rounds to greet and thank everyone all the while with a tulip shaped glass in hand filled with an elixir of his beloved Highlands.

It was a fine tribute to a fine gentleman, who shows no sign of slowing down, 
Happy Birthday Joe!!




Another of Branch 94’s respected Veterans, Bill St-Germain, turned 98 years old on March 5, 2017.  Bill could easily be dubbed the Legion’s elder statesman.  Bill and his wife Vera have been married for 75 years and they have been very involved in Branch activities over many years.  Bill is very active for his age and he loves to go the Legion on Wednesdays for the ritual seniors’ lunch and again on Friday morning for Coffee Club.

Later in the day, on most Fridays, Albert Coccia stops by the residence, where Bill and Vera now live and accompanies him to the Hippodrome, a local pub where Bill enjoys an amber brew and conversation with friends.  He is a man of few words but one is always aware of his presence and it seems that he is revered wherever he goes.

With the day of his birthday being a Sunday, the staff at his and Vera’s residence sang Happy Birthday to Bill after cherry pie and ice cream were served to celebrate the occasion.  Later that day, the family gathered at Scotyz for supper with more good wishes and candles (how many) glowing on the cake and the traditional birthday song was sung again.

There was much laughter, gaiety and a good time was had by all.



How do we Remember?

A new Canadian flag flies in front of Branch 94 today.  The former tattered and torn flag was taken down in January by request and to commemorate the end of a life of service and was replaced with brand new Canadian colors.  That weather weary ensign was hung to dry then folded in accordance with the Legion's official procedure and placed in blue velvet pouch bearing the crest of the Royal Canadian Legion in readiness for its next place of honour.
Sadly, Branch 94 had to bid farewell to another of its beloved veterans.  Arthur Rimmer died on December 15, 2016, at the age of 96.  Art Rimmer enlisted in the Royal Canadian Navy on November 8, 1939, at the age of 19 and was discharged on February 7, 1946, which accounted for 6 years and 3 months of active service.  During that time, Art had achieved the rank of Petty Officer and had been awarded three decorations: 

Canadian Volunteer Service Medal
1939 – 1945 Service Star
Pacific Star

Terry Rimmer, Art's son, had asked for the flag that was flying at the Legion on the day that his father died.  With approval from the Executive Committee, the flag was given to Terry with appreciation.  Art had been a member Branch 94 since 1947 and he was very present at Branch functions and afternoon get-togethers over those many years.  This simple request holds immense symbolism and commemorates a life of dedicate service to country and Queen.


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