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Page # 2


Much has happened since our last issue At that time experts were predicting a long, cold, wet summer. Indeed Canada Day dawned rainy and miserable. The city cancelled the parade but some members of our branch along with other hardy souls were determined to parade anyway. And so they did, ... wending their way to the parking lot by the Legion where other planned activities went on as scheduled. As the photos on page 20 show there’s not much that can keep a “Parker” down.

Contrary to what the prognosticators had been telling us the weather began to warm up, the sun and high humidity arrived and for extended stretches we experienced summer in all it’s glory. Unfortunately it sped by all too quickly. Had the Celestial Cops been alert Summer would have received a ticket for speeding.

Labour Day has come and gone and we have settled in to the activities we left behind in the spring. Hopefully the coming year will as much fun and just as productive as 2015. A lot was accomplished - a new roof on the hall, a completely refurbished deck off the lounge, a new washroom for the handicapped along with a lot of smaller upgrades and improvements thanks to the generosity and involvement of our branch’s members and friends.

There were also many other interesting events. The Friday morning coffee group hardly skipped a beat and was active through the summer. There was a morning session with the police department. Former mayor Maurice King paid a visit as did a number of other ex Parkers in town during the summer.



Former mayor Maurice King




As we were getting the last issue ready for the printer another group of members and friends of the branch, as described on page 6 by our Vice-President of Everything Important, Cheryl Moores, were industriously going through the final preparations for our St. Patrick’s celebrations. The pictures on page 7 show just what a great job they did. This year’s celebrations are scheduled for March 12th. This is always a popular event so make sure you get your tickets early. See page 39 for complete details.



Well, not really, but a whole lot of our members and friends of the branch undertook all sorts of projects to raise funds for a new hall roof. Before the work was started a quick glance upwards was all that was needed to realize that our roof was rapidly reaching the end of its life. A new roof was not an inexpensive undertaking. Consequently a series of fund raisers starting with drawings and donations at the St. Patrick’s dance were organized. These included a bowl-a-thon (cover and pages 14 & 15), a Texas Hold em held at arena hall on May 16th which raised $2100 for the project, a kiosk in the parking lot and a Steak dinner in the hall as part of the July 1st festivities and an open house on September 12th featuring numerous musicians, who along with our own Country Gentlemen, donated there time and talents to a continuous performance which ran from early afternoon well into the evening.


Page # 3



Volunteers also organized a lunch menu and a spaghetti supper for families to enjoy. Cheryl Moores’ recap on pages 24 to 27 give a more complete description of the effort it took.

In April Jean Harrison organized another one of her great pub nights, This time the theme was Coronation Street and as seen in the spread on pages 10 and 11 a great time was had by all.

The annual golf tournament scheduled for June 5 was rained out but the planned steak dinner went ahead as scheduled and by all accounts was hugely successful.

Again this summer Naomi Malo rounded up a crew of volunteers and starting on July 10th Friday night suppers returned for another year. Each Friday throughout the summer there was a meal and music in the lounge with the last one held on August 28th. Kudos go out to Naomi and her team. Shopping, chopping, cooking, serving and cleaning up every week. It’s not easy – but what a great job they did.

Thanks also to Joyce Caron for playing CD’s in the lounge. One quote sums it up nicely - “After the meal people were playing darts in the big hall, the lounge was filled, many people were out on the deck and there were people playing horseshoes. WOW! So nice to see on a Friday night in July.” Some of the activities are shown on page of this issue.

On August 1st members of the branch led by the L.A., who once again did a tremendous job getting things organized, made their annual trek to St. Anne’s Hospital for vets picnic. They were again joined by the Vietnam veterans motorcycle group. Judging by the photos submitted (pages 30 ) they all had a great time. Note the Red and White attire

In September we were treated to a visit by Marc Garneau. Cliff Walker sums his visit up nicely on page 22.

October was relatively quiet but November was active with Remembrance (pages 28 and 29) and our annual elections. This years executive and the various committee chairmen are tabulated on page 5.

December of course brought the Children’s Christmas party along with the parties of the various groups as they broke for the Christmas break. And as in most years the year came to an end with the New Year’s eve gala.

In our last issue on page 7 we incorrectly identified Naomi Malo’s grandson as her granddaughter. So just in case he grows up and reads old Coveralls we apologize to him.


Page # 4



Dear Comrades,

I am honored and enthusiasticas I begin my term as President of Branch #94 and proud to represent this great organization.

2015 was a very productive year for our legion and our accomplishments were many. I would very much like to thank all those who gave of their time in the fundraising and volunteering that it took to raise the roof, to construct the handicap washroom and to organize the many other events that took place over the year. Our participation in community events and celebrations has only elevated our legion to a higher level of respect by all those who we have helped. Without your commitment none of this would have been possible.

Please join me and your executive committee in making 2016 an even more positive year.

In Comradeship,
Fred Goodall



Chers Camarades,

Je suis honoré d’amorcer mon mandat de Président de a Filiale 94 avec enthousiasme et fierté à l’idée de représenter cette grande organisation.

2015 fut une année productive pour notre légion et nos succès furent nombreux. Je souhaite remercier tous ceux qui ont donné de leur temps afin de nous aiderà monter le toit, construire la salle de bain avec accès pour les gens à mobilité réduite et organiser les nombreux autres événements qui ont eu lieu cette année. Notre participation dans les événements communautaires et les célébrations n’a fait qu’élever notre légion à un plus haut niveau de respect grâce à tous ceux qui ont aidé. Sans votre implication, rien de tout cela n’aurait été possible.

Veuillez vous joindre à moi ainsi qu’au comité exécutif afin de rendre l’année 2016 encore plus positive.

Camarade Fred Goodall


C’est un honneur pour moi d’avoir été élu à nouveau comme présidente des dames auxiliaires.

Lors de nos élections en novembre dernier; nous avons élu un Exécutif complet et ensemble avec nos membres nous sommes prêts à faire de l’année 2016 notre meilleure année.

Nous sommes un petit groupe mais grâce à l’implication et support de nos membres ainsi que nos «Anges »; nous contribuons largement au succès de la filiale # 94. À la mi-décembre; c’est avec grand plaisir que nous avons présenté un chèque de $5,000.00 à la filiale.

C’est un petit pas à la fois et avec le support de tous que nous pouvons faire la différence.

N’oubliez pas de communiquer avec nous pour notre service de traiteur si vous désirez tenir un événementà la Légion Nos prix sont compétitifs et nous sommes très flexibles pour tous genres de demandes.

De la part de l’Exécutif et les membres des dames auxiliaires je profite de cette opportunité pour vous offrir la santé et une heureuse année en 2016.

Merci pour votre support

Naomi Malo,
Présidente dames auxiliaires


It is an honour for me to have been elected again as President of the Ladies Auxiliary.

At our elections in November we elected a full slate of executive who together with our members are ready to make 2016 the best year ever.

We are a small group however thanks to the commitment and dedication of our members and “Angels” we are able to make a significant contribution to Branch 94. In mid December we were extremely pleased to be able to present the Branch with a cheque of $5,000.00

We tackle each event whether small or large one step at a time and thanks to everyone’s support we are able to accomplish what we do.

Please remember if you are going to be holding an event at the Legion to speak to us regarding catering. Prices are reasonable and we can accommodate most requests.

On behalf of the executive and members of the Ladies Auxiliary I would like to take this opportunity to wish all members a healthy and happy 2016 and thank you again for your support.

Cde. Naomi Malo
President, Ladies Auxiliary


Page # 5

In November members of the branch and of the Ladies Auxiliary elected the Executive committees to guide them through the coming year. The following members have accepted the challenge. (NOTE: This information is also available on the "About Us" link in the page menus)

Fred Goodall
1st. Vice President:
Cheryl Moores
2nd. Vice President:
3rd. Vice President:
Harold Rye
Past President:
Shirley Miller
Oriette Constantineau
Shirley Miller

Bill Whyte
Bob Demick
John Burn
Claudette Lapointe
Beverly Morley
Clifford Walker


2016 Ladies Auxiliary Executive
Naomi Malo
1st. Vice President:
Shirley Miller
2nd. Vice President:
Beverly Morley
Rose Quinn
Francine Cantwell
Ann Broden

Elsie Bannister

Sick & Visiting
Mary Thibert
Sgt. At Arms


We always need members to help out - Ideally we would like ten to twelve members with an idea for an event and a willingness to organize it. In this way no member is under pressure or time constraints. It is possible for several groups to be working on different events at the same time. For example, there is no reason why one group cannot be working on St. Patrick’s festivities and another thinking ahead to the Children’s Christmas party while others are looking at Remembrance and a dance for June. If we all pitch in and work together it can be a fun year. Think about how you can help! Any of the members listed above will be happy to discuss your ideas with you.

Page # 6

St. Patrick's Weekend


WOW – What a St. Patrick’s celebration at Branch 94! Then again, all of our supporting members and guests that participated were telling everyone what a good evening they had at this “sell out” event. But do you know what! There are not too many events at our branch that are not highly supported and that is because we have a group of dedicated members and family/friends that do everything in their power to make things work!

The Crew for this event:

On behalf of the Ways and Means Committee and all of our members and their families and friends who enjoyed this Saint Patrick’s Day weekend, I would like to thank the following:

  • Julie Brault, Steve Heinz, Danko, John Burn, Bill Wight and Keith for moving all of the round tables outside for the event.
  • Glen Dysen and Keith for being there bright and early on Saturday morning to set up all the tables and chairs
  • Francine Cantwell for preparing the meat and serving.
  • Henry Frail our chief potato peeler who also helped with the turnips and carrots,
  • Lew Brown on turnips, John Burns on cabbage and carrot peeling as well along with Helena St. Germain our professional carrot and onion peeler and cutter.
  • John Burns who was also responsible for all of the delicious “Irish Eye Cookies” and all of the other types of green cookies prepared for this festive event.
  • Andrea Main cutlery and salt & pepper wiper as well as table setter on Saturday and serving.
  • Sue Monk and her gang of decorators; Claudette’s Besner & Lapointe as well as Al Mains who joined in the decorating on Saturday and as well Sue for serving. The hall looked beautiful and the tables were quite festive and filled with surprises for our guests.
  • Bob & Donna Demick were responsible for ensuring that our Leprecon was in good shape for his date (Andrea Main). Apparently it is quite difficult to find a leak in the Lepricon while he is soaking in the bath with both of them in a small washroom. I think we may have to invest in a new one next year but then again they could always try a pool!
  • Shirley Miller and Julia Shapcott table setters, and Shirley Miller for helping guide the guests to their proper seats as well as serving.
  • Naomi Malo corned beef slicer along with a little help from Rob Forbes who also was responsible for the dill pickle slicing. Naomi was also there to help with the cooking and draining of all of the vegetables that were prepared for the meal.
  • Flo Dempsey for her great Jello shots as well as serving the food and selling the shots.
  • Todd and Cindy Smith for all their help throughout the day and evening and Cindy for taking such beautiful pictures,
  • Todd Smith, Al Mains, Wayne Pregent and Bill Wight runners and Bill special thanks for all of the other help you gave throughout the night.
  • Julie Brault on ticket taking as well as table calling among all the other things that you helped with throughout the afternoon and evening.
  • Gerry Cantwell thanks for all the running around you did throughout the Friday and Saturday.
  • Lew thanks for your help with the mike and music! Last but not least thank you to all of the members and friends who supported this fun event. We are so fortunate that we have so many great members at Branch 94 the best legion in all of Quebec!

Page # 7

St. Patrick's


Page #8



Awards: 1939 – 1945 Star
France and Germany Star Atlantic Clasp
Canadian Volunteer Service Medal Silver Clasp
War Medal 1939-1945
Defense Medal

(Second of three installments)

Escort Group 9


Before starting on my story, I would like to tell you how the second EG 9 came about. It replaced the first group which was subjected to the first deliberate attack to wipe out a convoy’s escort group before attacking the convoy. This attack began on September 22nd and during the next 48 hours, three warships were lost. The first was the Canadian destroyer St.Croix, followed by the British ship, HMS Polyanthus. The last ship sunk was the HMS Itchen. The sole survivors out of a complement of over 300 men were three men, one from the St. Croix and two from the Itchen.

I joined Matane on December 7, 1943 in Halifax. Our Captain Lieutenant Commander, Allan Easton was an experienced North Atlantic veteran and a very able person, much respected by his crew. An RN Commander was also posted to our ship as group leader. We did not realize it at the time but having two well-qualified men on the same ship was something that could not be justified and after a short breaking-in period for this Brit, who had never commanded Canadian sailors before. Easton was then transferred to another ship.

We did convoy escort work for a couple of months during which time in company with other group ships we sunk U-boats U-845 and U-448 and U877. The sinking of U-boat U-448 was quite an experience as we were joined in the hunt by Captain Wallker-RN the best U-boat hunter in the world. His group sank a total of 26 boats. When he died in 1944, they did not announce his death for six months, just to keep the Germans worried. He directed our ship and Swansea, in the attack and it was a classic. The U-boat never had a chance.

Early in 1944, we were changed from convoy work to become a hunter group in the Channel area. We had some interesting experiences from being shelled when we got too close to the French coast to chasing two enemy destroyers back into harbor. As was the case, later on, we were regarded as destroyers because of our size. At any rate, I don’t think Jerry was too anxious to tangle with 6 Frigates. One strange experience was that we actually sailed past an enemy-held island and they refused to engage us. Quite different from our previous encounter. Our search paid off on April 17th when we obtained a solid contact. Actually, the U-boat came up to look around about 250 yards ahead of us. When his scope turned in our direction he must have had a heart attack on the spot. We dropped Hedge Hog and a large Depth Charge pattern, which resulted in a huge oil slick, but no bodies. We claimed a kill but it was refused by the Admiralty on the basis that a coastal command Sunderland bomber had actually sunk the sub. This was the way it stayed until after the war when German records were reviewed. It happened that the two attacks occurred at approximately the same time. The Sunderland did actually severely damage the U-672 close to where we were but it survived. Our attack was successful and we had actually sunk the U-311s. HMCS Swansea also participated in the attack.

In mid-May, we were ordered to Plymouth for minor repairs and to load up with ammo. We were then sent to a small bay in Wales. By now, we were certain that we would be part of the invasion of Europe. We were cautioned to keep our mouths shut but the townsfolk knew what we were waiting for and were very kind to us. They even used their rations to put on an afternoon tea for us. We felt bad for having used their food and with the Captain’s permission, we gave up a day’s rations and sent it over to them.

I cannot remember the date, but either on the 3rd or 4th of June, we left to rendezvous with the Armada. The invasion was supposed to take place on the 5th but was postponed a day due to the weather. I do remember that we spent a full day out in the Atlantic Ocean keeping station with what must have been the biggest convoy in the world. The seas calmed and we knew that tomorrow would be the “day”. I will always remember at supper, one of the guys mentioned that we should try to see the sunrise as it might be the last one we would see. Everyone was quiet and each lived with his own thoughts. Sometime after dark, the rhythm of the engines changed and we knew that this was it.

Page # 9


My watch on June 6th was from midnight to four and you can be sure that I did not sleep that night. Radio messages to the French resistance were continuous and then came the message from General Eisenhower that the invasion had started. Pretty soon the sky was full of planes with the broad white stripes painted on the wings. As we got closer, we heard the rumble of gunfire and saw and smelled the cordite. Our job was to protect the landing area from subs and u-boats, which we started to do. Within the first hours, we picked the first casualty, a British pilot. We took him on board, washed him up, took whatever information was necessary and gave him a proper funeral at sea. His name was pilot Sergeant Smith.

Our job settled into a routine patrol, sudden warnings of possible u-boat attacks but nothing direct as far as we were concerned, that was until July 20th. Shortly after supper, German bombers armed with radio-controlled bombs attacked us. As we were the first ship in the line, they went after us first. The first bomb glanced off the aft. Ammunition locker shelter and exploded on the port side of the ship. The aft gun decks were knocked out of action, the hull was breached and the engine room flooded. We were heavily damaged. The attacking plane moved up our port side and fired a second glider bomb at the bridge. My station was on the starboard side with twin 20mm guns. I remember a rating saying the bomb was going to hit the bridge and we would all be killed. I asked God to make it quick and then the thing flew about 20 feet over us and landed in the ocean. I remember one guy saying, “You missed – you bastard!”. He went around us and started down the Starboard side. I got him in my sights, gave him a couple of shots to make sure I was giving sufficient lead. I was right on but out of my range, too bad, sometimes I feel that if I had waited he might have tried to attack with machine gun fire as some guys were already in the boats.

I am writing this part, not to glorify my part in the following but to confirm a vital part I played during the attack. When we were hit, an officer took it upon himself to go through the ship telling everyone to abandon ship. Being up close to the bridge, I knew that no such order had been issued so I stood up on the gun rail and asked the men on the lifeboat what they were doing. They told me they had been order to abandon ship. Without asking permission, I told them to ignore those orders as the Captain had not even received a damage control report. When he did, he would decide and no one else.

As they were still reluctant to return, I made a joke to the effect that if they did not come back they would have a hell of a row from the Bay of Biscay to Plymouth. This seemed to do the trick as they all came back on board. As the result of his action, the officer in question was confined to his quarters for the remainder of the trip. The next morning, surveying the wreckage, the Captain came over to me and started asking me if I could see any bodies. I replied in the negative and he talked to me for a few moments. This was rare indeed as British commanders rarely spoke to men of the lower deck. I would like to think that it was his way to acknowledge what I had done.

HMCS Mean took us in tow to Plymouth. Immediately after, the Germans were driven off with the appearance of British Fighters. The problem of caring for the wounded had to be tended to. As I was off-duty, I volunteered to help. My man was a P.O. Shipwright, whose legs were very badly mangled below the knees. I think he also had internal injuries. I believe his name was Francis and that he hailed from Verdun. He was in terrible pain and knew he was dying. His only concern was whether he was dying bravely. He kept asking me for that assurance. He was a brave man. In all 27 men were either killed or wounded.

We were concerned about a possible U-boat attack but our fears were allayed somewhat that night when we listened to Lord Ha-Ha as he announced that the German Air Force had sunk a destroyer in the Bay of Biscay.

On July 29th, 1944, I was sent to NIOBE to await passage home.






Page # 10

Pub Night April 25th 2015

Expertly cooked food rendered condiments unnecessary
A very serious Henry Frail interrupted while working diligently to ensure that no peel remained on the spuds.
Naomi Malo played the part of Anna who works at Roy's Rolls restaurant
Cliff Walker played the part of Ken Barlow, who is a School Governor and a retired teacher. The actor William Roach who plays the part of Ken Barlow has been on the show continuously since December 9, 1960, the first episode

Patricia Anderson played the part of Liz, the co-owner of the Rovers Return Pub

Raymond Lee played the part of Tony, Liz's boyfriend, who first appeared as an electrician, but now purchases things which fell off the back of a lorry (illegal goods which fell off the back of a truck)!


Page # 11


Pub Night

Shirley Miller played the part of Sally, who is an assistant at the company, Underworld. Glenn Cantwell played Sally's boyfriend Tim, who is a window washer.



Andrea Main introducing our members who portrayed the cast of Coronation Street.
Vera St. Germaine played the part of Audrey, who owns a hair dressing salon


Page # 12

An Active Summer

Some of our members were in town through the late spring and summer and were hard at work in and about the branch. One group (John Burn, Bob Demmick, Cliff Walker and Bill Wight) spent several weeks renewing our deck as shown in these photos by Normand Simard.




Beverley St. Germaine and her mother Vera were primarily responsible for planting and potting the flowers which adorned our premises throughout the summer and Terry Rimmer among others kept everything in trim. While yet another group was at work installing our new washroom for the handicapped. A huge Thank You to J.C. Lefevre, Dave Romanado, Glenn Cantwell and Peter Rivard for the work they put in to get it operational .Also a big Thank You to Concept Ceramique who donated and installed the tiles.

But it wasn’t all work—some had time to play as the photo spread below shows.



Page # 13


Kathleen Findlay, Louisette Langdon and Margaret Rochon were the lucky winners in this year’s EARLY BIRD CONTEST .

Have you renewed your membership?

All memberships should have been renewed before the end of 2015. Members who have not paid their dues by January 31st are considered to be no longer in good standing. They will no longer have lounge privileges (members not in good standing cannot be signed in by another member), attend Legion functions or receive the Legion magazine.

As 2016 began we still had roughly 172 members who had not renewed. As we are one of the largest and more active branches in Quebec it would be a shame to lose our standing. We hope that it is forgetfulness and not the current tough times that is causing delayed renewals. We have over the past few years maintained a membership around 450 and hope that we can continue to maintain this level

Membership fees are $37.00 for combatant veterans and $47.00 for all others. Cheque should be made payable to RCL Branch 94. It can be left with a bartender if there is no one present from the membership committee. Bartenders cannot take cash.

Once the yearly membership dues have been paid, the member is considered to be “in good standing”, and all privileges restored.

Since our last issue we have initiated several new members Amazingly this group ranged from a relatively youthful 26 to a nonagenarian. We are truly becoming a multigenerational branch.


Nathaniel Mains and Larry Blondin were initiated at our General Meeting June 24th Vera St. Germain was initiated at the Coffee Club Friday June 26th by Cde. Bob Latreille.
Philippe Parent on October 14th Richard Pross, an Afghan vet was initiated in May


Tony Evangelista on October 28th



Membership Committee

Shirley Miller
Francine Cantwell
Bruce Robertson
Julia Shapcott


Branch email notifications:

If you wish to be added to our Legion e-mail listing please get in touch with Shirley Miller 450-923-5610 or shirleymiller@videotron.ca


Page # 14

Bowling for a New Roof


Page # 15



Page # 16

An occasional column featuring idle thoughts, memories from the past, possibly an occasional rant or anything that happens to cross my mind at a given moment.


On our membership page we welcome Richard Pross. Richard is 26 years old and served in Afghanistan. Looking at his photo it struck me that this guy looks awfully young to be a veteran. Then it dawned on me that when I joined the branch almost 25 years ago the veterans that I saw sitting around must have all been about this age or younger when after the second world war they banded together to form this branch. Sure there were some older veterans who had passed from the scene by the time I arrived but the men that I got to know were the essence of the branch - men such as Richard Teague whose stag in a new hall with an unfinished floor was the first ever event ever held in our hall - men whose stories of the past often appeared in the Coverall. All were great guys who we owed a great deal. Not only did they venture abroad to protect our way of life but when they returned they were instrumental in building our community.

It seems that there is something special about men and women who chose to serve this way. Whether on active duty or retired they stay involved. Having a recent vet among us serves to remind that ugliness of war does from time to time rear its head. We should always remember how much we owe to those who served and are currently serving and never forget to say “Thank You” whenever we get the opportunity.



The crests tell the story


Moving to Greenfield Park with two young kids proved to be one of the best decisions I ever made. A couple of years later a daughter arrived on the scene. Ironically the only native Parker in the family now lives in Alberta.


Page # 17

Our thanks to the following for their help and donations

Friday Night Dart League
Ladies Auxiliary of Branch 94
Monday Night Line Dancers
The Legion Bowling League
The Old Duffers
Tuesday Night Crib League
All those who donated Canadian Tire Money. It added up to $166.86


And God Looked Down upon Seniors. .

Most seniors never get enough exercise.

So, in his wisdom, God decreed that seniors would become forgetful that they would have to search for their glasses, keys, and other things misplaced and move around more.

And God looked down and saw that it was good.

Then God saw there was yet another need.
So God in his wisdom made seniors lose coordination that they would drop things, which would require them to bend and reach and stretch.

And God looked down and saw that it was good.

Then God considered the functioning of senior bladders and decided that in His wisdom there might be calls of nature more frequently, requiring more walking to the relief station, which would burn calories.

God looked down and saw that it was good.

Seniors were obliged to exercise more from these senior shortcomings and did become more active as a result.

So! If you find you are required to get up and down more as you age, remember it's God's will and in your best interest, even though you mutter under your breath.

And it is good. Amen!

It sure sounds true to me.


Page # 18


2015 Poem, Essay & Poster Contest

On April 23rd we met in the Library at Centennial High School and presented Certificates to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of the poem and essay contests along with Certificates of Appreciation to all participants.



Winners and participants were:

Poems - Secondary 2 Students - (10)
Kevin Amalfi
Christina Deligiannis 2nd Place Unfortunately Christina was unable to attend
Vanessa Ho
Jasmine Ferreira 3rd Place
Tera Littlejohn
Nicolas Mathews
Kaël McKeown Opasinski
Diem Trinh Nguyen
Jessica Nguyen
Amanda Thomas

Poems - Secondary 3 Students - (1)
Mia Abarbanel 1st Place

Jasmine Ferreira with her 3rd place certificate.


Mia with her certificate


Page # 19

Very apt and clever piece of artwork!






Page # 20



Page # 21


Classified ads

(Business card size - $25.00/4”x6” - 37.50/ 1/2 page - $50.00/ full page - $100.00)





Gilles Labrie, CD
Courtier immobilier
Cell: 514- 917-2479
Bur: 450-462-4414
Fax: 450-462-1509

Au plaisir de vous servir


Groupe sutton action inc.
agence immobilière
2190, Lapinière
Brossard, QC

Pleased to serve you


Equipment Loan Program

Branch 94 provides health equipment to individuals dealing with illness or injury. Our Short Term Loan Program alleviates the pressures that come along with injury or illness; assists members and there families with mobility issues, allows people to return home from hospital earlier, and recuperate in the comfort of their own home.

For anyone who needs medical equipment to live safely at home, the Legion provides aids such as:

Bath seats and benches
Crutches and canes

For further information contact Fred Goodall at 450-465-2782.


Page # 22


By Cliff Walker Friday Sept. 11, 2015

It was another beautiful day in the neighbourhood; sunny and warm on this 11th day of September. This is also the anniversary of the twin towers disaster 9/11. Lest We Forget.

‘Coffee’ at branch 94 can sometimes be more than a sip & chat session. Today was one of those occasions. There was a buzz and a sense of anticipation in the air surrounding the Legion this morning. The anticipation was for Canada’s first astronaut and Federal Liberal MP Marc Garneau, who was due to arrive as an invited guest speaker. When he finally arrived, he was ushered into the hall to a waiting crowd of 70 or more by a military piper. It was a very dramatic entrance, however once he settled in, one got the feeling that we were about to meet a very humble man. Accompanying Mr. Garneau were two local Federal Liberal candidates: Greenfield Park’s own Sherry Romanado (Longueuil/Charles Lemoyne riding) and Alexandra Mendes (Brossard/St-Lambert riding).

Before any speeches, Mr. Garneau took the time to make the rounds to shake hands and exchange greetings with his audience. It seemed much less of a campaign ploy and more an act of genuine friendliness. Those who were sitting at tables had their coffee cups in hand and to the surprise of many, the now traditional bagels and cream cheese were distributed with help from Mr. Garneau himself. One certainly got the impression that he was enjoying himself.

"Feed them and they will listen" could become his new slogan I will defer to writers licence and focus more on the man himself and less on the specific politics and platform of the Liberal Party.

Sherry Romanado handled the formal introduction with ease and confidence and in both languages. She also acknowledged the presence of Greenfield Park's Borough President, Robert Miles, who assumed a humble position at the back of the hall with members who were standing.

Mr. Garneau opened his speech by mentioning three areas of focus : personal career, politics, and veterans. Throughout his speech, Mr. Garneau was eloquent, personable, relaxed and above all, sensitive to his audience. Even during the question/answer segment at the end, he didn't dodge any question and gave factual and sincere answers. He acknowledged every question as being important. As a seasoned politician, Mr. Garneau has a wealth of facts and data at his finger tips and the experience to deliver it all in a way that informs and offers reassurance. For the most part, Mr. Garneau spoke without the benefit of notes. There was never a hint of arrogance in his tone and he didn't resort to smear tactics of his party's opponents. One got the sense that here was a true gentleman, honest politician and someone who would live up to his word. He also appeared to be pragmatic admitting that change doesn't happen quickly in the world of politics and governance.

Mr. Garneau touched on many subjects in his 1 hour and 30 minute speech. He began with an outline of his military career, being the third generation in his family in military service. Of course, he spoke passionately about his career as an astronaut and being the first Canadian to travel into Space aboard the Challenger Space Shuttle. In all, he made three voyages into Space. He talked at some length about his passion for the plight of veterans, their rights and their entitlement to benefits.

Here is summary of the many topics the Mr. Garneau touched upon: Tax breaks for the middle class and seniors; pay equity in the work place; income splitting for seniors; a return of the retirement age (OAS) from age 67 to 65; increased support and services for returning military personnel; decriminalizing marijuana; introduction of programme to reduce marijuana use by the youth; clean up the Senate and reinstate an atmosphere of ethics; affordable housing for the homeless and seniors; a responsible refugee policy.

At the end of the session, Mr. Garneau was asked autograph a laminated photograph of himself in his astronaut gear that had been given to Scouts Canada. The scouts were represented by Ron Kaepert. Mr. Kaepert pointed out that the scouts have adopted a new achievement badge for completing a sanction astronaut training component.

As Mr.Garneau left the premises of the Legion, he said that he would return.

Politics aside, the Friday morning 'Coffee' regulars and guests were treated to rewarding and entertaining session by a true gentleman



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Page # 24

Raising the Roof

Early this past year a committee was formed as the branch was in need of a new roof and did not have the ready cash available to do so without some sort of fund raising. Gerry Cantwell, Francine Cantwell (treasurer), Shirley Miller (secretary), Robert Myles, Wade Wilson, Kelly Amos, Albert Coccia, Steven Amos and myself, Cheryl Moores got together to work on this project. Our goal was to raise a total of $20,000. The campaign was launched at our St. Patrick’s Day event where Comrade Claudette Lapointe was instrumental in raising our first $1,000 in donations on behalf of /or/ in memory of a loved one, close friend or fellow comrade (see list on page 26). The branch enthusiasm was contagious and members came up with some really great ideas for various fund raising events and we were on well on our way.

Cheryl Rennie suggested to Bruce Robertson that maybe a bowl-athon would be a good way to raise funds, thus a Sunday Bowl-a-Thon, organized by Bruce Robertson, close family and friends, raised an amount totalling $2,617. Not only was this event profitable but it was also a lot of fun and our local Champion Lanes were great hosts as well. A light snack was served back at the branch compliments of all of our wonderful ladies that are always ready to help out!

Our next event was a Texas Hold’ em! A great big thank you to all of the team that came out to work, play and/or support this fund raiser. As the few of you who were there know, the number of players was lower than we had hoped for. We had 27 players and had hoped for at least 50, All but three or four left with empty pockets but departed still smiling. Most said they had a great time and looked forward to another one. It was a fun day and they were well treated. Smoked meat sandwiches donated by Martino and Irita Zovka and prepared by Les Celebrities and French Fries donated and precooked by Don McKenzie at Scottyz came hot out of the fryers thanks to Naomi Malo, Ann Broden, Rose Quin, Celina Winsor and Kevin Demick. They were served at 5:00 when the players had a break. Scottyz also prepared a snack of 300 chicken wings which we picked up and served a little later in the evening. Lots of door prizes and raffle prizes were generously donated and given out to the winners. A lot of the players and even some of the few spectators brought home a very nice gift. Timothy Dempsey did a great job running the tournament. To the best of my knowledge there were no disgruntled players, which I believe is a great thing!

To Wade Wilson and Jim Gingera a great big thank you for all the help and support you gave to this event, you were there from start to finish. Francine Cantwell and Shirley Miller thank you for your help all day long on the cash and the door. Kelly Hamblin “better known as Blondie” our bar tender did a great job. Flo Dempsey you have been appointed the official Jello Shot Queen. You are great – always eager to lend a hand. Gerry Cantwell, Kelly Amos and Raymond thanks jumping in when you were needed and for all you did to make this event a success well. Naomi, Ann, Rose, Celina and Kevin and all ladies that helped make the sandwiches at the legion earlier that morning you guys are always there when you are needed and I thank you for that. Also many thanks to Julia, Pat, Julie, Beverly, Peter and Keith for stopping by and supporting us by buying a beer or two. Hopefully next time maybe we will have a little better turnout from some of our other branch members! $2,182.75 was raised from this event.

As most of you are aware, July 1st was a complete wash out in the Park but that did not stop us from setting up our Kiosk, thanks to Bobby Myles & Wade Wilson who provided our tent and water to sell with our cozies and Branch gear. We had a table on August 8th at Cheryl Rennie’s outdoor flea market at the legion and brought in $127.00 selling the cozies, magnets & pins. Altogether we raised $695 over the summer thanks to the help of Legion volunteers.

Then came the Ebony and Ivory Evening. For all of you that missed this “Engaging Evening” organized by Andrea Main to help make money for the cause, rumor has it that it was an unforgettable event. I have yet to see pictures of this but I hear that Andrea, hula-hoop in hand, and as the saying goes “with child” came out to greet Raymond who was ready to propose to her! (all in jest) Lots of great food was donated by the regular ladies that are always there when you need them. I understand that everyone that attended had a fun night and guess what $532.75 was raised for our cause! Thanks Andrea & Raymond for being such great sports and all that helped with this event.


Page # 25

September 12th was the final event. A Branch 94 Open House. An afternoon and evening of fun and music! Jim Young had arranged for continuous music in the hall from 12:00 noon until closing. Our musicians included: The Country Gentlemen, Southern Wind, South Shore Saints, Carolyn Hall, Wendy Landry, Ted Danko, Jerry Curotte and Garry Rice, Mick O’Grady and May Contain Nuts. All of these musicians donated their time to help us out. While this event was taking place in the hall, we once again, compliments of the Greenfield Park Old-timer Hockey, had a kiosk just outside where we sold children’s watches, tee shirts ½ of the take went to our cause, as well as our cozies, support our troup magnets etc. Hot dogs & Hamburgers, grilled by Celina with little help from Kevin during lunch. Francine, Naomi, Julie, Lorna, Andrea, Shirley, Ann, Rose, Patricia, Helena, Bev & Peter, Glenn Bryson, Keith and I jumped in to help when we saw help was needed. Ann Broden, Rose Quinn and Naomi Malo took care of the spaghetti & all the works, from start to finish. The meal was great and the turnout was exceptional. We had two ½ & ½’s, a looney bin where at any given point someone dropped some money in. The whole day was an entire success and we raised an additional $2,000, thanks to the efforts of all our volunteers, entertainers and supporters.

All this to say although we managed to raise just over $19,200 thanks to the support of so many dedicated members, friends and family of members, community services and some businesses, and did not reach our goal of $20,000 Branch 94 did raise our roof in early December. There are a few remaining touches to be added which are scheduled such as the “ice breakers” which should be installed by the end of January and “eve troughs which will be installed in early spring. It was a long and sometimes trying road but we did do it.

Cheryl Moores


A New Hat for an Old Lady



Page # 26


Nouvelle Toiture / Raising the Roof


In Memory of
OR on Behalf of

In Memory of
OR on Behalf of

Pauline Voisine
George Libert Voisine
Roma Zakaib
Art Holden
Bob Whittaker
Audrey Whittaker
Ted (Edward) Newberry
Art Holden
Randy & Cheryl
Gerry Moores
Ted (Edward) Newberry
Donation ($500.00)
Cheryl & Randy
Bernie Cantwell
Duo Rockin
Avec Plaisir
G.W. Young
K.C. Young
Jean Harrison
Joseph Harrison/ Don Murdoch
Carol Pelletier
Ellen Hoskins
Claudette Lapointe
Mr. & Mrs. F. Lefebvre
Donna Demick
Frank Ryan
Mary Boudreau
Nick Paulini
Jack Gammon
George A. Gammon
Morven Kane
Helen Coulter
Barb Herbert
Barb Jolley
Dave Williamson
Ron Tombs Junior
Rita Grant-Gosselin
Georhe Albert Gosselin
Jim & Lorna
Calvin Beckett
Christine Latter
Yvette Jeannotte
Barbara Herbert
Marguerite Welch
Camille Cote
Monique Lebelle
Richard Amos
George William Amos
Jackie Michaud
Monique Lebelle
Henri Frail
Royce C. Frail R.
Lewis W. Brown
Lewis Roy Brown
Henri Frail
Eugene l. Frail R.C.A.F. Vet
Paul & Mary Boudreau
Liza Quenneville
Richard Amos
Pearl Smith Nowlan
Jack & Marion Macdonald
Father Brad McGovern
Quebec Vets U.S. Army
Quebec Vets U.S. Army
Tommy Briand
Gladys Briand
Jim Bechard
Peter Rivard
Georgina Rivard
Ann Broden
Brian Broden
Bev Morley
Brian Morley
Ann Broden
Alanna Broden
Bev Morley
Robert Morley
Julia Shapcott
Madeleine Burke
Stella Dunham
Ronald Dunham
Don Murdoch Jr.
Don Murdoch Sr.
Vera St. Germain
Son Kenneth St. Germain
Amy King
Art Holden
Bill St. Germain
Son Kenneth St. Germain
Beverly Teague Scholfield
Richard Teague
Helena St. Germain
Ken St. Germain
Beverly Teague Scholfield
Donation ($106.45)
Art. Rimmer
Jack Rimmer
Ethel Teague
Donation ($106.45)
Margaret & David Main
Charles Main
Donna & Bob Demick
Donation ($100.00)
Rev. Mongeau Zinnickers
The Zinickers
Doreen & Ray Langstaff
Bradley Family/Jim Dorothy Clifford
Tom Mongeau
M.P. Mongeau
Doreen & Ray Langstaff
Marlene Pike
Gilles M. Eneron
Claudine Duke
Doreen & Ray Langstaff
Percy Langstaff
Charles & Karen Rochon
Charles Main
Doreen & Ray Langstaff
Donation ($100.00)
Robin Dalton
John Dalton
Kelly Amos
Richard Amos Donation ($500.00)
Penny Rowe
Joan Rowe
Norman Clearly
Donation ($100.00)
Wayne Prégent
Maurice Prégent
Oriette Constantineau
John Constantineau
Albert Coccia
Otello Coccia
Police Association
Donation ($235.00)
William Dempsey
Linnis Dempsey
Glenn Cantwell
Our Fallen Cantwell Veterans
Alan Mains
Marion Macleod
Evelyn Pye
Robert Pye
Gerry Guerin
Lucile Guerin
Sue Monk
Paul Mancini
Cindy & Todd Smith
Paul Mancini
Ellie & Paul Pelletier
Mike Campbell
Bill Wight
Lois Reece
Doreen Moores
my late husband Gerald F. Moores
John R. Burn
Eva Burn
Clifford R Staverley
John R. Burn
Robert Burn
Cheryl & Randy
Susan Cantwell
Dolores Robertson
David Speirs
Joseph Brathwaite
Bruce Robertson
Joan Webb
Allan Hewitt
Art Holden
Michel Lussier
Florence Lussier



Page # 27

Nouvelle Toiture / Raising the Roof

Over the Hill Softball Donation ($500.00)

Greenfield Park Lions Club Donation ($100.00)

Greenfield Park Historical Society Donation ($500.00)

Ville de Longueuil Carolyn St. HilaireDonation ($500.00)

Mike Reid Softball Tournament Donation $(2,000.00)

Mme. Nicole Menard Provincial Liberal PartyDonation ($1,500.00)

Greenfield Park Centennial- Committee Donation ($2,500.00)

Ville de Longueuil - Borough of Greenfield Park, Robert
MylesDonation ($1,000.00)

Greenfield Park Old Timers
Hockey The Country Gentlemen
Greenfield Park Packers Southern Wind
Mullins Sport South Shore Saints
Scottyz Carolyn Hall
Les Celebrities Wendy Landry
Hockey Helps the Homeless Ted Danko
Martina & Irita Zovka Jerry Curotte,Garry Rice
Redbourne Mick O'Grady
Royal Canadian Legion
Branch 94 May Contain Nuts

Posted on Facebook May 10th by Normand Simard


RaiseThe Roof Committee

Gerry & Francine Cantwell, Robert Myles,
Wade Wilson Shirley Miller, Kelley & Steven Amos,
Albert Coccia & Cheryl Moores


MNA Nicole Menard presenting $1500 cheque to President Gerry Cantwell


Page # 28


Albert Coccia’s report on the Coffee Club site nicely summarized in capsulated form our Remembrance Weekend. The photos below show that many members of our community came out to remember and thank those who gave so much and to support those who now have the task of protecting the freedom their efforts provided.

Roma Zakaib was this year’s Silver Mother representing all the mothers who lost sons and daughters in the wars and the various trouble spots around the world.

A sad note is that Harry Devey who has been so much a part of these activities for many years passed away shortly after Christmas.

“Harry Devey was able to attend the REMEMBRANCE DAY SUPPER last night (Saturday) at Branch 94. It was an evening of ceremony to remember the many 'fallen' and their sacrifice of service. Harry, himself, had the honour of making a toast to Her Majesty, The Queen. When summoned by the evening's master of ceremony, Fred Goodall, Harry came forward aided only by his walker, faced the photo of The Queen, raised a glass that had been handed to him, and gave the toast, "To The Queen". The assembly followed by raising their glass and repeated the words. A toast to Our fallen Comrades was given by Norman Cleary and a toast to the Piper was given by William Howe.

The formal part of the evening began and ended with the entrance and then withdrawal of the Colours by a four man Colour Party led by The Sergeant-at-Arms. The ceremony and speeches were carried out with dignity and in honour of those who did not return from military conflict. An small table was symbolically place in front of the head table with one chair to designated to remain unoccupied. Following the dinner (roast beef) the crowded relaxed and enjoyed an evening of music and dancing.

The air will be crisp and cold but the sun is shining for the Sunday Remembrance Day Ceremony at the cenotaph in front Town Hall followed by the Parade.”






Page # 29


Page # 30


Page # 31


When Shirley Miller spotted borough President Bob Myles Facebook posting requesting school supplies for the less fortunate children in our elementary system she contacted the executives of both the branch and L.A. to see if they would be willing to provide funds for such a project. Needless to say both did.

The Poppy Trust Fund also made a donation. As a result Shirley, along with Andrea Main went out and purchased 18 backpacks. In addition individual members donated another four enabling the Legion to present Bob Myles with 22 backpacks.

The Greenfield Park Lions club also contributed backpacks so our towns organizations once again combined to demonstrate support for our students and their dedication to growing our community.

Sunday January 31st – Special Breakfast Brunch – 11:00 a.m.

A Special Breakfast Brunch will be held in the hall. This event is a joint effort Ladies Auxiliary/Ways & Means/ Friday Coffee Club

Menu: Bacon, Ham, Sausages, Eggs, Baked Beans, Home Fries, Fruit, Chololatiens, Pancakes, Pasta Dish, Croissants, Toast & Jam, Juice, Coffee/Tea

$10.00 per person Tickets are available at the Branch. A maximum of 80 tickets are available for sale. The Brunch will be followed by the performance of our own Country Gentlemen from noon to 4:00 p.m.

If you just want to come and listen to the music, no ticket is required.

Page # 32




As you can see from some of the pictures, thanks to Andrea Main who has faithfully been our resident photographer for many years, thechildren had lots of fun at our annual Children’s Christmas Party. As in past years the children entered through the lounge where Julia Shapcott and Glenn Cantwell greeted them and organized coats & boots. Patricia Dupuis & Mary Thibert were a great help selling our special raffle tickets for Mickie’s New Beginnings as well as our New Year’s Day Legion Raffle. Thanks to you both! You were a big help in raising $625 for this worthy cause. There were games to play as well as guessing games & coloring thanks to Dolores, Lysa, Emma & TJ Robertson, face painting & cookie decorating compliments of Flo Dempsey along with a surprise visit from Mickie & Mini Mouse along with their friend Olof (thanks to Gerry Cantwell, James Durocher and Corrine Dufour), and of course our very own “Peppie the clown” (thank you Claudette for all your hard work and support year after year) who kept the children amused.


Lots of hot dogs for all to munch on thanks to the Greenfield Park Old timers, juices thanks to the Greenfield Park Christmas baskets and our cooks, kitchen helpers, and other helpers as well, Naomi Malo, Anne Broden, Francine Cantwell, Veronica Durocher, Sheryl & Alissa Ford, not to mention all the cupcakes thanks to Rose Quinn, cookies thanks to Dolores Robertson & John Burn, Rice Krispie squares thanks to Emma Robertson.


After a light lunch, our magician “Gerry Lefebvre” had a good number of the children and adults as well mesmerized with his magic. We were entertained by some of our children singing Christmas carols either solo or in groups. Jade it is always a pleasure to hear you sing. I hope to see you back next year! Lots of great talented children at Branch 94! Finally, the highlight of the day – Santa and his elves arrive with gifts for all the children. Thank you Richard, you are the best, your granddaughter Faith, Everett and Heather for a job well done. As the children and family members left the hall with a smile on their face and gift in hand, it gave us, Lysa Woolley, Sheryl Ford and myself, the organizers, along with all of our volunteer helpers, mentioned at some point throughout this write up, a great deal of pleasure to see that everyone had such a good time. Special thanks to Donna Demick for your help in the gift shopping and to Bob Demick for wrapping so many of them for us. You did a fine job and it was much appreciated. Thanks Corrine for your help wrapping as well and to Keith thank you very much for all your help and support setting up and tearing down. To everyone a great big thank you!

Great job one and all!

Cheryl Moores – Ways & Means


Page # 33


Page # 34



From almost the very beginning members of this branch have participated in the annual Terry Fox run. 2015 was no different and Branch 94 was again well represented.



Ever see an iceberg from top to bottom?
This is awesome!
It came from a Rig Manager
For Global Marine Drilling
In St. Johns, Newfoundland .....
They actually have to divert the path
Of these things away from the oil rig
By towing them with ships!
Anyway, in this particular case
The water was calm and
The sun was almost directly overhead
So that the diver was able to get into the water
And click this picture.
They estimated the weight at 300,000,000 tons.
Pretty Cool, eh. Pass it on


Gives a whole new meaning to the Phrase "Just the tip of the Iceberg"


Page # 35

Bits and Pieces From Here & There


Something else new since our last issue. It now hangs on the wall at the first landing going down to the playroom.


From the Coffee Clubs May 1 report “we learned that our friend Normand Simard had Benoit Roger from the Longueuil Police come and see what we are all about as the Longueuil Police has an out reach program where they are speaking to groups of seniors with regard to things that Seniors should be aware of. I do believe he will be coming back to spend more time with us in the future .”

President Gerry Cantwell and Jack Gammon attended the annual cadet’s Spring Review.

One of our members, Patrick Morgan, the son of Sherry Romanado & Chris Morgan participated in the Four Days March in Holland in July. He related his experience to members at one of our Friday night suppers.


The history of the Four Days Marches

The first Four Days Marches took place in 1909. Participants could start from 15 different places in the Netherlands. They had to walk 140km in four days, 35km per day. The marches were organised by the Nederlandse Dutch League for Physical Education, which was founded in 1908. Of the 306 male participants, ten were civilians.

International Four Days Marches Nijmegen have grown into the largest multi-day walking event in the world. More than 42,000 participants walk for four days in Nijmegen and its surroundings, where they, depending on their age and sex, walk a total of 120, 160 or 200 kilometers towards the Via Gladiola and towards the - now royally approved - Four Days Marches Cross.


99th annual Nijmegen March held in the Netherlands between 21 and 24 July 2015.

“The Legion’s interest in the Canadian Armed Forces Nijmegen March Team extends back almost eleven years when it began making an annual grant to the Canadian Armed Forces’ team to enable them to visit Vimy Ridge” Since 2004, the CAF has reciprocated by welcoming the participation of a Legionnaire in the team at CF expense,” adds Eagles.

The Nijmegen March, is labeled one of the world’s largest walking/marching events and is held in the Nijmegen area of Holland in mid-July every year. For the military it entails four days of walking more than 40kms per day with a 10kgs backpack for each soldier. Historically, more than 7,000 military from all over the world participate in this event and an additional 40,000 civilians also take part without the backpack requirement.


The 10/49,draw, which replaced the Booster Club is starting up again. The first draw will be on Jan.30th. Selections and money must be in for Jan 29th. Sign up forms available at the branch. If you would like to join please fill in a sign up sheet , and leave it with your $5 in a envelope, care of 10/49 with your name on the envelope, at the legion.

10/49 Draw is based on Lotto 6/49. You pay $5.00 choose 10 numbers out of 49. The winning 6/49 numbers from each Wednesday and Saturday will be monitored. The first person who gets their 10 numbers wins half the pot. 1/2 to the winner, 1/2 to the Branch. Once the pot is won we start another draw. Sheets are available at the bar. For further information please call Fred Goodall – 450-465-2782. Please get your family and friends involved in this fun way to help Branch 94.


Page # 36

More Bits and Pieces

Again this year a group of our members catered the town’s Christmas party




From the last Friday night supper of the summer.



Always Something Going on at Branch 94

Seven days a week

Monday Line Dancing at 7:30

Tuesdays - Bridge at 1:00 P.M.: Crib at 7:30

Wednesday - Senior lunches at 11:30

Thursdays - “500” at 1;00; Trivia on every second Thursday at 7:00

Fridays - Coffee Club at 11:00; Darts at 7:00, music in the lounge (live entertainment every 2nd Friday CD’s on the other Fridays

Saturdays - dances and special events

Sundays - Monthly specials with our own Country Gentlemen watch the bulletin boards for details

Cards, dancing, good conversation and good times
Why not join us for an hour or two each week?
Come on down. Relax and enjoy yourself!


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Page # 38



Page # 39



Page # 40




This edition of the Coverall is a copy of the printed version, which is initially posted at the branch and published by Bruce Robertson.

Changes to the original version of the Coverall may have been made in layout and format to allow for web publication. Any errors to, or omissions from, the original printed version are solely the fault of the volunteer(s) who brought this version to the web.

Anyone willing to volunteer some time to maintaining this web site would be greatly appreciated.

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