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Page # 2


We learned that during the first half of 2012 four of our branch’s veterans participated in the Memory Project. We subsequently were told that another had participated earlier. Although their stories can be heard and read on the Memory Project’s internet site we will over the next few issues print the transcripts of their interviews for members who do not frequent the internet. In this issue we start the series on page 22 with Bob Shewan, who unfortunately passed away a few months after the interview. In the following issues the stories related by Art Holden, Harry Devy, Percy Jackson and Joe Bockus will be covered. There may be others who have participated or will participate in this project. If so we will extend the series.

Community spirit has long been a dominant factor in the lives of Greenfield Park residents. As evidenced by the photo on the right, Branch 94, which this year will celebrate it’s platinum anniversary, (born November 26, 1943) has from almost it’s very beginning been actively involved in the community. In the April 1988 issue of the Greenfield Park Journal The Royal Canadian Legion was profiled in an article entitled 45 Years of Community Service. One paragraph reads:

The town itself has shown its appreciation by giving the Legion a number of awards for community service over the years, the latest being a Certificate of Merit in 1985, for activities during Canada Week, and a Medal for the Development of the Town of Greenfield Park. In 1986.”

It would be nice if these could be located and displayed for our seventieth anniversary!

Times have changed. Many of our older members have left us. Newer ones live by different standards. Their attitudes reflect the realities of a much changed world, yet they bring new and fresh ideas, and an energy that many of us can no longer summon.

The Friday Morning Coffee Club is one example of how this vigour can be harnessed. Since adopting our lounge as their meeting place their numbers have steadily grown. Many of its members, if not the majority have become Legion members.

Each year with the approach of the last two months two themes dominate - Remembrance and Christmas! It is a time when interaction between the Legion and the community is at its best.

The cover of this issue illustrates the respect which our community bestows on our veterans, past and present. The spirit of Greenfield Park is exemplified by the many groups, from the oldest of our veterans to the to the little tykes in the Sparks and Beavers, who participated in our remembrance ceremonies and marched in the parade, and by the people who came to watch and stood silently remembering the citizens of Greenfield Park who fell in two World Wars.

November, as usual, was busy. There was the Remembrance Dance and Parade on the weekend of November 10th. (See cover and page 10).

Elections were held by the Ladies Auxiliary and the branch. The new L.A. executive is detailed in the Ladies Auxiliary report on page 8 and the 2013 executive for the branch is listed on page 19.

In keeping with the spirit of the Park and the season the branch provided its hall and the L.A. did the cooking in a fund raiser for the Christmas Baskets. (Pages 3 & 6), And as in previous years there was a shopping basket at our entrance during the month in which members deposited dry goods for the Christmas Basket. The Legion salutes the small group of volunteers for a job well done. They made up and delivered over 170 baskets this year.



Page # 3

Continued from page 2


As Remembrance day approached three of Greenfield Park's football teams remained in the play-offs. In yet another display of community spirit all three teams sported a poppy decal on their helmets.

On December 8th the annual children's Christmas party was held. There were clowns, a magician, games to play and of course Santa with a gift for each child. As evidenced on pages 16 & 17 the children, their parents and grandparents all seemed to enjoy the party.

In addition to the usual activities - Dart and card leagues, monthly crib tournaments, trivia nights and of course the Friday Morning Coffee Club - there was a lot of activity in the fourth quarter.

There were two open houses, both on a Sunday — one in October and the second in November. In October BBQ chicken with all the trimmings was served and in November beef Bourgeon was featured. Both events sold out and by all accounts a good time was had by all.

The Friday Morning Coffee Club continues to grow and contribute to Legion life in many ways. This is a fun group and there always seems to be something going on. In September and through October there was the on-going drama of the kidnapped Ger-Noid which ended dramatically on Halloween. See report on page 18. Then on December 21st the lounge was full when the MESSENGER arrived with news for the members. As usual with this gang there was confusion and laughter. For some reason the Easter Bunny made an out of season appearance posing on top of a cake brought by the MESSENGER. (All the details are on page 21.)

And in the spirit of the community and community service we were saddened to lose one of our founding members late in the quarter. Dick Teague who served branch 94 in many capacities, worked diligently on the Christmas baskets for many years and provided much of the branch history that appeared in the Coverall through the years left to join his comrades in a better world.

His smile, his jokes and general good humour will be missed.



Posted on The Greenfield Park Coffee Shop site on Sunday November 18

Thank you to The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 94 and the Ladies Auxiliary for the wonderful Spaghetti Supper last night. Thanks to James Bird for promoting the cause on the Greenfield Park Coffee Shop. Thanks to everyone who participated whether you did the shopping, cooking, serving, dining, cleanup or anything else. It was a great night. The Christmas Basket fund has benefited from this evening

Donna Kevins Demick


Page # 4

Good-day comrades.

Hello Comrades,

I wish to thank everyone who helped make 2012 another successful year for RCL Branch 94. I also want to thank the executive of 2012 and all the bar and office staff, who I know worked so very hard, to make the year a success. I am sorry to see a couple of last year’s executives leave. I wish them the best of the best in the future and hope that from time to time they can find some spare some time to help out with Legion functions.

I am looking forward to working with the new executive and to having another successful year. During the coming year and those that follow I am hoping to see some of our newer members take a working interest in the operations of the Legion. Some already have and I thank them for their contributions to our success.

Wishing all our members a safe, happy and healthy 2013 .

Yours in Comradeship,

Lew Brown


It was an honour for me to have been elected President of the Ladies Auxiliary for the year 2013.

Special thanks to Comrade Francine Cantwell for her excellent leadership during the past two years. Because of the dedication of the Ladies in our group we were able to present President Lew Brown with a cheque in the amount of $8,500.00 at the General Meeting on November 28th. Raising this amount of money is not an easy task. It takes many hours of hard work. However due to a fantastic team of workers we were able to do it.

We are a small group so many times we have to count on our “ANGELS”, those men and women who never fail to step up and help us when asked. Without your help we would not be able to do it. Last but not least thank you to all Legion members who support our events .

Naomi Malo,
President, ladies auxiliary

Comments about any of the articles in this or other issues of the Coverall, ideas or suggestions for future articles, letters on subjects of interest to our members or anything else you consider worthy of publication may be mailed to the Coverall c/o R.C.L. Branch 94 at the address above or E-mailed to “ecurbten@yahoo.ca”. Submissions may or may not be used and we reserve the right to edit or use only a part of a submission.

Page # 5

Bonjour camarades,

Je désire remercier tous et chacun qui ont contribué au succès de 2012 à notre filiale. Je veux aussi remercier les membres de la direction en place, les employés du bar et l’administration, lesquels contribuent immensément à ce succès. C’est dommage d’assister au départ de quelques membres de l’exécutif précédent. Je leur souhaite toutefois le meilleur pour l’avenir en espérant que, de temps en temps, ils pourront trouver quelques heures pour aider aux fonctions de la Légion.

J’anticipe avec plaisir de travailler avec le nouvel exécutif et connaître une autre année couronnée de succès. Au cours de la prochaine année et des années subséquentes, j’espère voir quelques nouveaux membres démontrer de l’intérêt pour les opérations de la Légion. Quelques-uns ont déjà commencé et je désire remercier ces derniers pour leur contribution.

Je souhaite à tous nos membres santé et bonheur dans la sécurité.

Cordialement et en camaraderie,

Lew Brown


Un merci spécial à Francine Cantwell pour son excellent leadership au cours des deux dernnières années.

Grâce au devouement de notre groupe, nous avons été en mesure de remettre au président, Lew Brown,un chèque de 8 500 $ lors de l’assemblée annuelle du 28 novembre dernier. Accumuler un tel montantn’est pas une tâche facile. Il faut compter plusieurs heures de travail. Toutefois, grâce à une équipe fantastiquede travailleurs, nous avons été en mesure de le faire.

Nous sommes un petit groupe, donc, à plusieurs occasions, nous avons dû compter sur nos “ANGES”, ces hommes et femmes qui ne manquent jamais de venir nous aider lorsque nous leur demandons. Sanscette aide, nous ne pourrions réussir.

En dernier lieu, merci à tous les membres de la Légion qui nous encouragent en participant à nos événements.

Naomi Malo, Président dames auxiliaires.

Page # 6

Spaghetti for the Christmas Basket Fund

Page # 7




The following members have been initiated since our last Coverall. Wayne Maybury on October 5th, and Real Charest, Peter Sheremeta and Victor Woo on October 29th by Shirley Miller and Francine Cantwell witnessed by Henry Frail and Rob Forbes.

Lois Domazet has transferred from St.Laurent

Welcome aboard!

Shirley Miller welcoming Wayne Maybury aboard after initiating him at a Coffee club Meeting on October 5th



The Early Bird contest finished on November 30th. I am happy to report that 254 memberships were paid by that date and the names were entered in our contest. On December 1st three life members, Arthur Holden, Gerry Cantwell and Francine Cantwell were there for the drawing. The winners were Mick O’Grady, John Barron and Susan Harris. Each received a $35.00 cheque.

Membership fees are due by December 31st. There is a one month grace period ending January 31st.

Any person who has not paid by January 31st loses all Branch privileges and subscription to the Legion Magazine until such time the dues are paid.

Fees are $35.00 for Veterans and $45.00 for all others. Please make your cheque payable to Royal Canadian Legion Branch 94. Cheques may be left behind the bar however please note the bartenders cannot accept cash.


If you wish to be added to our e-mail list to receive e-mails regarding up coming events please call Shirley Miller 450-923-5610 and give her your address.


Applications are available behind the bar. Membership is every one’s business so please help recruit new members. Bring a friend to visit the Branch and let them see for themselves what a great place Branch 94 is. Any questions regarding membership please contact one of the Committee members.

Your membership committee
Shirley Miller 450-923-5610
Francine Cantwell 450-465-7644
Monique Lebel 450-466-1336
Bruce Robertson 450-671-1108

Page # 8


Naomi Malo
Past President:
Francine Cantwell
Julia Shapcott
1st Vice President:
Ann Broden
Elsie Bannister
2nd Vice President:
Shirley Chaif
Sick & Visiting:
Loretta Julien
Julia Shapcott
Shirley Miller

Thank you to outgoing members of the executive and welcome aboard to the new members.

FLEA MARKET - December 2nd

Another huge success! Thank you for all your donations for the Ladies Auxiliary table. The Bake Table was just awesome. One more time our ‘ANGELS” came through for us – thank you.

The next Flea Market will be held on Sunday June 2nd. All tables have been reserved however if you wish to be put on a waiting list as we could have a cancellation please contact Shirley Miller 450-923-5610.


If you have any questions regarding membership in the L.A. please contact our membership chairperson Julia Shapcott. Application forms are available behind the bar.

January 16 L.A. General Meeting
February 20 L.A. General Meeting
March 6 Bingo
March 20 L.A. General Meeting

On behalf of the members of the Ladies Auxiliary I would like to thank all of you for your support during 2012. We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and health and happiness in the New Year


PRESIDENT Northern Electric

Page # 9

Labatt and Branch 94
A Sad, Sad, Tale of Woe

During the last quarter there were a number of stories which played out over a number of months. Unfortunately unlike the ones engineered by the Friday morning coffee club and narrated elsewhere in this issue not all were fun and games. For example the saga of our encounter or to be more precise non-encounter with Labatt Breweries is a rather sad tale.

It started in November when out of the blue we received a statement from Labatt saying that we owed them for four invoices. Without giving us any opportunity to clarify the matter they closed our account and would not accept any further orders. Repeated attempts to reach the accounting firm that handles Labatt’s accounts were fruitless. They would not accept or answer calls. Nor could any response be elicited from the daily telephone calls to the brewery itself.

A review of our records indicated that we had received and paid for approximately the same amount in 2011 and 2012. Without proof it did not seem conceivable that we had increased our consumption by almost 25% which would be the case if we did in fact owe the amount that Labatt claimed. Under these circumstances it would have irresponsible of us to simply give them $5000+.

Although we realized that many of our members preferred and were loyal to Labatt’s brands, and that our stock was running out we simply could not find a way to get through to Labatt or their accountants.

In mid-December one our executive was able to get the name of the name of the contact used by the Mike Reid tournament and a letter was written to him on December 14th. In desperation we also contacted Labatt via the customer service link on their web page. All during this period our branch manager continued to telephone Labatt each day. Our Treasurer was also making occasional calls. Neither was able to get any kind of response from Labatt.

Finally on January 2nd we broke through and were able to speak to someone at Labatts. He agreed to e-mail three signed receipts for the deliveries that they believed we hadn’t paid for. These were received and passed on to our Treasurer on January 3rd. She immediately phoned Labatts and surprise, surprise, got through right away.

She received an apology for the delays. Apparently they had a policy of automatically discarding all calls from accounts which they had closed, whether justified or not. Customers were just left dangling - kind of like trying to plead a case when the judge bars you from the courtroom.

We are not yet convinced that all is well. Their statements are always one month behind and the current one just received covers November and not all the numbers match. In spite of this we paid the invoices, the account was unblocked, a new order placed and as of January 4th Labatt products were back on our shelves. However, they forgot to credit us on the invoice for the 71 cases of empties they removed.

The sad, sad, tale of Labatt Brewery and Branch 94 has not yet come to an end. Now that a connection has been re-established we will continue in our efforts to establish beyond a doubt that we have received every ounce we have paid for. It is a fact that in today’s business world companies do contract out segments of their business to other companies whose prime concern is not customer service. Sometimes they do so without considering all of the ramifications. Unfortunately we were caught in one of these circumstances. We have been assured that they have closed the loophole which caused us so much grief.

Let us hope so!

When men fail to act effectively, events have a way of making decisions for them.

George S. Moore,
Chairman, First National City Bank

Page # 10

Remembrance 2012




Page # 11

My First “Gig” at Branch 94, Just a Kid!!

Just over 40 days in the Army. 20 years ago.
Wearing all the wrong uniform parts. I didn't have a clue. Looking like a complete clown.

Fraser kilt
Royal Stewart bag cover
Chippendale tie
Balmoral with red hackle
Ugly drone cords
Tacky brown vest that my ex-girlfriend made me...

I got a blast from the Pipe Major the following week! Well deserved...But I digress!

Anyone “in the know” knows the role of the piper in the military. He is the musical spiritual embodiment of the morale of the troops, he who plays just the right tune at the right time for any given occasion, to lift the spirits high, give courage, hope and help people cope.

The Padre channels the spirit and will of God.
The Piper plays the music of the Gods.


Thanks always Branch 94

Thanks Mrs. Janet Murphy for giving me a chance

Thanks Bill Crawford for having
me back…over and over again

Thanks to the “Tarbenders” for keeping my pipes“well lubricated”

MCpl Jeff McCarthy, CD

The Black Watch (RHR) of Canada
Pipes & Drums


Page # 12



Page # 13


Poppy Fund News



On December 20, 2012, the Poppy Trust Fund of Greenfield Park Branch 94 presented to Charles Lemoyne Hospital in Greenfield Park a Cheque for $7500. Holding the cheque in front of the Integrated Cancer Center for the Monteregie area are Guylaine Larouche of the hospital and Jack Gammon, Poppy Trust Fund Chairman. Immediately behind them are Nicole Tremblay of the hospital and Andrea Main, Secretary of Branch 94. Others in the photo from left to right are Bruce Robertson, Past President of Branch 94, Martin Caplette and Véronique Cloutier of the hospital, standing behind one of the three air filter machines purchased with the funds, and branch president Lewis Brown. The purifiers are used in the rooms of patients receiving chemotherapy as their immune systems are very low they become susceptible to infections if the air is not pure.

While in the hospital we decided to visit Art Rimmer. On the way to his room Martin Caplette took us into another room where we were shown the chair in the photo on the left. This was purchased with the previous year’s donation. It is used for patients who are receiving treatment for blood problems. It is multi-positional and provides much more comfort than laying on a stretcher



Poppy Sales 2012 - To everyone that helped. THANK YOU!





Page # 14



Just want to take a moment to say thank you to all of the people who helped Karen & I out throughout this past year. Without your help with the functions, decorating, cleaning up, setting up, running errands, cooking, preparing sandwiches at home, serving and/or entertaining...we would not have been able to do it. So many of our friends and fellow comrades offered their assistance in so many ways. I would normally list everyone but I am honestly afraid that I would miss someone and then I would feel horrible. So, you know who you are, and so do all of the people that faithfully participate in our functions. Hats off to all of you!

New Years Eve Dinner and Dance




We would like to thank all of you for coming out and supporting this event. The evening was put on by our Ways and Means team with the support of our executive members and friends. As a result of this cooperation everyone enjoyed an evening of good food, drink and entertainment.

I would like to thank Double Image (Larry and Francine) for the great music! They had the hall rocking with special requests and spot dancing.

A special thank you to all the people that helped decorate, setup the tables and put up the streamers/balloons to make our hall look attractive and ready for a party. A big hand to all the people that worked in the kitchen to help cook up a great meal with all the trimmings! The meat pies were Delicious! A Special thank you to St Paul's Church and their members for making them.

I would also like to thank the people that provided door prizes at the last minute. It was a nice touch! Henry Frail was asked to speak about the meaning of Auld Lang Syne just before midnight. A great job Henry!

We also held a half and half ....the lucky winner walked away with $176.00 Thank you Monique!

The event took a lot of planning and team work before and after. A big thank you also goes out to the people who took it upon themselves to help clean up after the supper. Once again I would like to thank all the people who helped making this event a great success and to name you all it would take a whole page but you all know who you are.

Thank you!
Karen Golden Ways and Means

Page # 15



HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE – If you were one of the 60 comrades that attended our President’s Day afternoon on the 1st of January, in our lounge, on behalf of the executive, I thank you very much for coming out. Everyone that was there seemed to have a nice time visiting and reminiscing with each other and most certainly no one that stayed for the buffet, went home hungry. Thank you Andrea and Shirley for donating the shrimp rings and helping out with the buffet and clean up along with Julia, Glenn, Karen, Julie and also to Ross for taking care of the music. Thanks everyone for pitching in to help. 2013 has started in a great way, thanks to Monique who decided to take back not only the 50/50, but the BOOSTER. as well. This means a lot to many of our members and I know that Gerry Moores would be smiling! “Thumbs up Monique”

Francine, Naomi & Julie are running an “Open Fun Darts” on Sundays at 1:00 pm sharp in the legion hall. Everyone that would like to play, even if it is once in a while, is welcome $2.00 each player Believe me, they are having a lot of “fun” darts!

Come join us Hockey! Football! Golf! - Don’t forget that if you would like to bring a group of 8 or more people into the lounge to watch your favorite sport or game – the big screen is available!

Please check the bulletin board at the Branch or our web site for upcoming events. I am trying to arrange a Sunday afternoon dance, followed by supper on the 16th of February. (will definitely need volunteers if anyone is interested) Details will be posted.

If anyone has any suggestions for something fun or different to do, please feel free to let me know. We are always open to suggestions.

Looking forward to a great New Year – Cheryl Moores – Ways & Means


Feb. 3 Super Bowl Sunday

- Kickoff 6:30 -

Tickets available until January 31st.
Only $10 per person

Tickets available at the Bar

March 16th, 2013.

-St. Patrick’s Corned Beef & Cabbage DINNER & DANCE

Sunday March 17th,

Don’t’ forget to mark your calendar


Page # 16


Kids Christmas Party











Page # 17


Kids Christmas Party




































Page # 18




An expression of thanks is always appreciated. As the parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles left the hall with their little ones the smiles on all their faces said it all. For the past couple of years we have received special “Thank You’s”, which I would like to share with all of you!

Thanks to Lysa Woolley, Sheryl (Alissa & Jarad) Ford, Francine Cantwell, Karen Golden, Goretti Da”Estrela, Shirley Chaif, Naomi Malo & son Geoffrey, Anne Broden, Shirley Miller, Dolores Robertson, Emma Robertson, Donna Demick, Glenn Cantwell, Julia & Everett Shapcott, Rob Forbes, Randy Moores, Richard Amos, Pearl Amos, Ted Danko for his great music, Rick Higgins, our incredible CLOWN And Magician, Santa & Mrs. Claus & our very tall elf!

A very special thank you to a real “Life Saver” Karl Kleefield for stepping in at the last minute to help with the children’s face painting & of course to all who came out and joined in the fun !!!

Cheryl Moores


Page # 19

Return of GER-NOID

First a little history for those who know not of GER-NOID. GER-NOID was adopted by the Friday Morning Coffee Club, was very rapidly declared the club’s mascot and soon occupied a prominent spot in the lounge each Friday morning.

Unfortunately for reasons that remain unknown he was abducted shortly thereafter. A ransom note threatening dire deeds if payment was not made by the specified date soon arrived.

The Coffee Club members being good Samaritans quickly established a “Save the GER-NOID fund. As the weeks passed both the fund and the members anxiety grew. To everyone’s relief a plan was concocted and successfully executed. On October 19th to the relief of all his friends GER-NOID reappeared. The story of the Great Escape as relayed by Don Ridewood follows:


The deadline was only a few days away and with negotiations broken down, it was time for action.

Donald contacted the “Easter Bunny” and his good friend “The Great Pumpkin” and asked for their help to save the Ger-noid.

A plan, “The Great Escape”, was conceived.

As a goodwill gesture, a box of trick or treats and a large bottle of Jack Daniel’s was forwarded to the Ger-Noid’s captors. Little did they know, the Easter Bunny had hidden a G.P.S. tracking device inside one of the chocolate eggs.

Using Mirella’s computer, they activated the devise and soon located where the Ger-Noid was being held.

Would you believe, it was near Knowlton in the hills at an old hunting lodge on Byers Road. By the dark night and the full moon, they approached the old hunting camp.

The G.P.S. signal took them deep into the old part of the woods. There next to a small stream, beside a small hut was the Ger-Noid chained to a tree.

The Easter Bunny and the Great Pumpkin were happy to see, strewn on the ground, chocolate wrappers and the empty bottle of Jack Daniels.

There in a sleeping bag, shotgun by his side and passed out was the “Grim Reaper”.

Silently the Easter Bunny made his way to the Ger-Noid’s side and with a mighty heave broke the chain and freed the Ger-Noid.

The Great Pumpkin rolled up and they hid the weakened Ger-Noid inside for the daring midnight get-away.



Page # 20

(continued from page 19)

There would be no frog legs and pumpkin pie on the Grim Reaper’s menu this Halloween. The Great Escape had worked.

Oh happy day! On Friday, October 19, 2012, they would be able to join the coffee club at the legion.

The Easter Bunny was called out on another assignment and regrets he cannot be with us this morning.

Since the Ger-Noid was saved and the bounty was not paid, he would like to thank the coffee club for raising the bounty fund and suggested it be donated to the Legion Seniors Volunteer Driver’s Fund.

Until the next adventure,
Yours in Friendship
The Easter Bunny



Page # 21




It didn't take too many weeks after the Great Escape before the members of the Coffee Club began ruminating about another great mystery about to unfold. This was in their thoughts for many months until - well we’ll let James Bird tell the story

“So at High Noon on December 21st the Bell at the Bar was Rung and every one had to be seated. The blinds were closed and the lights dimmed. The Messengers Escort led the way carrying the Scroll with the Words of the Messenger followed by the Hooded Messenger all dressed in Black slowly step by step with his staff beating the floor as he walked until Suddenly he turned and began his Parable of the Last days of the Mayans ending in the best Wishes of The Easter Bunny and then uncovering the giant box which held three layer cake with each level higher sitting on its own tier with the last an Easter Bunny on the top level. Any ways the great Mystery had been solved and tonight we will all sleep better with the Words of "The Messenger" still ringing in our ears. “


Page # 22






Bob served with the Royal Canadian Navy during the Second World War on various ships. For the memory project he recounted his experience with the Royal Canadian Navy in the Atlantic.

“Well, the first one was a frigate, HMCS Matane, and the code name in the last one was the [HMCS] Charlottetown. That’s that. And the [HMCS] Charlottetown was in refit when I joined it, and they were refitting the ship for the Pacific, so I didn't go anywhere with that, other than just being part of the crew onboard in the harbour. That was that. The other ships were, the HMCS Matane was mostly in the Bay of Biscay [on the French Western coast] down in that neck of the woods. Before the invasion and after [the Normandy invasion of June 6th, 1944]. Then we came back to Canada and I got drafted to [HMCS] Kokanee, and we went back into the same area, up and down the English Channel and around that neck of the woods

About Life aboard the ships he commented

“I didn't sleep very well there, at all. Not at all. And aboard the ship it’s.... I never adjusted to that part of it. And I’d go days without sleep sometimes. That’s what I found hard. And I was part of a gun crew. There was two main guns on the ship; the four inch guns, their main guns on the frigates. And I was part of one of their crews. It takes about, what is it, seven, to run that gun. That was on that particular ship.

And again, on the next ship, on the HMCS Kokanee I was part of a gun crew again. The only thing, the gun was a little bigger and had different type of ammunition and I don’t know if they ever wrote that down. I actually got to change their way of firing the gun. When you’re loading a gun, they had three people. Two getting ammunition from ammunition racks or wherever, and they pass it to one who puts it into the magazine or whatever you want to call it, to be fired. But the way they did it they would pass it from here to here, and I looked at that and I said we’re wasting time here. Every time you try to get it into somebody’s arm if the ship’s rolling, if something’s happening, you’re trying to put ammunition in their arms ,it’s a slow process. It slows it down.

Page # 23


I said okay, on our crew we do it a little differently if we can. So I got the guns Captain to agree and what-not. I said we’re going to take the ammunition not like this, we’re going to get it this way, and put it into somebody’s hands who’s got them in the right position to put them into... So we changed the speed of the gun by a considerable amount. They were even going to get the press aboard. We formed out own way of doing it. Not the way it was written in their book or whatever they...

A war is not fun. And when it happens it affects not just yourself; your families involved, and everything else.



Commissioned at Esquimalt on June 6, 1944, Kokanee arrived at Halifax on July 24 and left for Bermuda in August to work up. On arrival at St. John's in September she was assigned to EG C-3 as Senior Officer's ship, and spent the rest of the European war on Atlantic convoy duty. She left Londonderry for the last time on May 25, 1945, with convoy ON.304, and soon after arriving left for the west coast. On October 4 she completed tropicalization refit, but as VJ-Day had intervened she was paid off into reserve on December 21. She was sold to Canadian brokers in 1947, but resold in 1948 to the government of India for conversion to a pilot vessel for the Hooghly River and renamed Bengal in 1950


Commissioned at Montreal on October 22, 1943, Matane arrived at Halifax November 13 and began working up in St. Margaret's Bay, completing the process in Bermuda. In April, 1944, she joined EG 9, Londonderry, as Senior Officer's ship thereafter serving mainly on escort and patrol duty in U.K. waters. She was present on D-Day. On July 20 she was hit by a German glider bomb off Brest and towed, badly damaged, to Plymouth by HMCS Meon. In April, 1945, she completed eight and one half months' repairs at Dunstaffnage, Scotland, worked up at Tobermory and, on May 13, sailed from Greenock to escort convoy JW67 to North Russia. She was detached on May 16, however, to help escort 14 surrendered U-boats from Trondheim to Loch Eriboll. In June, after one round trip to Gibraltar as convoy escort, she left Londonderry for Esquimalt via Halifax. She arrived at Esquimalt in July and on February 11, 1946, was paid off into reserve there. She was sold in 1947 and her hull sunk in 1948 as part of a breakwater at Oyster Bay, B.C.


To encourage community pride the Greenfield Park Revitalization Project is selling GPF flags at a cost of $15 to citizens past and present. They also have available lapel pins for $3.00 each. Their goal is to have the flags flying on as many homes as possible in the Park and wherever ex Parkers now live. At the present time the flags are available in one size only - 12 x 18 - suitable for use on your car, outside your home or in your garden. To order yours add your name to the list found above the glass case at the entrance to the lounge or contact Brenda at 514-867-6222 or brendaruthnorman@gmail.com. These items are also available at Quinn Antiques located on the corner of Springfield and Churchill.


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DATE: JANUARY 26nd, 2013
TIME: 19:30




HEURE: 19 H 30





My wife, Julie, had been after me for several weeks to paint the seat on our toilet. Finally, I got around to doing it while she was out. After finishing, I left to take care of another matter before she returned.

She came in and undressed to take a shower. Before getting in the shower, she sat on the toilet. As she tried to stand up, she realized that the not-quite-dry epoxy paint had glued her to the toilet seat.

About that time, I got home and realized her predicament.

We both pushed and pulled without any success whatsoever. Finally, in desperation, I undid the toilet seat bolts. Julie wrapped a sheet
around herself and I drove her to the hospital emergency room.

The ER Doctor got her into a position where he could study how to free her (Try to get a mental picture of this.).

Julie tried to lighten the embarrassment of it all by saying, "Well, Doctor, I'll bet you've never seen anything like this before."

The Doctor replied, "Actually, I've seen lots of them......I just never saw one mounted and framed."

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Bits and Pieces from Here and There

Presidents Naomi Malo (L.A.) and Lew Brown (Branch 94) being initiated by Comrade Soucy following the branch elections at the November General Meeting
The Coffee Club donated $72.00 to the Volunteer Drivers. This was the unused ransom money raised for Ger-Noid. (See The Great Escape on page 19)

Pictured are: Ross Harvey, Keith McConnachie, Bruce Gregory, Albert Coccia & Don Ridewood and of course last but not least Joe Rodger, Chairman of the Volunteer Drivers Program.

On Nov 9th at the Friday morning Coffee Club Fred Goodall acting on behalf of the Old Timers Hockey League. presented Andrea Main with a $1500.00 cheque for the Senior Drivers Fund.
President Lew Brown receiving a donation from the Line Dancers Tina Chase



Our branch will be hosting the District meeting on January 13th. The L.A. will provide a spaghetti supper following the meeting.


And to bring this issue to a close with more from the community - Christmas Cards and a tribute to our veterans from the Children of Greenfield Park

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