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Coverall April 2013




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APRIL 2013


Dear Comrades,

I wish you the very best in 2013 and hope you a safe and happy summer. I want to thank the team of executives working with me for a job well done. In my mind It is hard to improve on the excellence this group displays month in and month out.

The Ladies Auxiliary and the Ways and Means committee are always super in their work effort and are always a pleasure to work with.

I also want to thank the members who contribute that little extra to improve the quality of the operational aspects of the legion and the wellbeing of our branch.

Again, be careful, be safe! Have a great summer

Lew Brown



We learned of yet another of our veterans who participated in the Memory Project - John Bennett related his experiences with the Royal Navy in WWll. His story will be featured in a future Coverall. Starting with this issue Memory Project stories will fall under the heading “Getting to Know our Veterans”. Later on this will provide us the scope to feature veterans who did not participate in the Memory Project.

The new year got off to a good start with a New Year’s Eve party and the annual President’s Day on January 1st. About 60 regulars were present. They mingled, exchanged New Years greetings and enjoyed sandwiches and assorted tidbits, including shrimp trays donated by Andrea Main and Shirley Miller and specialty cheeses provided by Cheryl Moores.

Honours and Awards Night on January 26th turned out to be a smashing success. Thanks to the hard work of Andrea Main and her committee more members and friends of the branch came to honour those being recognized for their contributions to the branch. It has been many, many years since so many attended and the result was outstanding. Some of
the recipients, notably those receiving long service medals and friendship awards, received prolonged standing ovations. Following the presentations (recipients are shown on pages 8 - 12) Greg Innis had the hall jumping. The dance floor was continuously packed regardless of the music genre - made no difference whether it was a line dance, rock and roll or a waltz. There was singing, joking, a lot of noise and at one point Greenfield Park’s own version of the famed Rockettes spontaneously sprang to life in the middle of the dance floor – the line was not quite as straight and the kicks perhaps not as high but they were having a lot of fun as were those who sat and enjoyed the entertainment. A great night to kick off our 70th year!

Page # 3
APRIL 2013

In February there was a Super Bowl party on the third and then on the seventeenth there was an afternoon of dancing followed by a pasta supper. Gerry provided the music.

On February 20th the last Senior lunch for the year was held. A dinner of pork roast, mashed potatoes and a carrot/turnip puree followed by ice cream and cherry cake brought an end to this year’s noon time activity. Approximately 70 seniors enjoyed the meal and expressed their appreciation to the group who worked so hard through the winter months.

Racing enthusiasts gathered in the lounge on the twenty-fourth to watch the Daytona 500 on the big screen.

March proved to be an even more successful month than usual with back to back weekends of “Sold out” events. St. Patrick’s weekend started on Friday night March 15th and what a weekend it turned out to be!

Ed Zawada was back in town and provided the music on Friday night. It was just like old times in the lounge with a lot of old friends coming in to say hello.

Saturday it was the annual corned beef and cabbage dinner and dance. Tickets were sold out well before the 16th and the hall was full. After all had filled up on corned beef, cabbage, carrots, turnip, potatoes, bread and cake for dessert, “Duo Rockins’” kept the dance floor filled with a good selection of rock and roll, line dances and waltzes. On the dance floor were the spry, the aged, some merely shuffling along to the music, and a whirling dervish with a boundless supply of energy. All were having a lot of fun and those, and there were many, who participated in the preparation, serving and cleaning up deserve a huge pat on the back.

The weekend concluded with Irish Coffee Sunday. Ted Danko provided the music and Irish Stew was available for a very modest price.

Something new for the branch was tried on the following weekend—a murder mystery dinner. Because of the nature of the event spaces were limited but the concept proved popular and tickets quickly sold out. Unfortunately those who adopted a “Wait and see” philosophy ended up disappointed. As can be discerned from the photo spread on Page 14 and the Ways and Means report starting on page 11 it turned out to be a lot of fun although we’ve heard that it one case it was also rather wet. As can be seen in at least one of the photos on page 14 people were plugging their ears. This must have been the second or third shot because we are told that their was no warning as to just how loud the shots would be. Many were startled on the first shot with one poor soul being caught off guard while holding a glass of wine which needless to say became an empty glass very quickly. .

Another new wrinkle which developed during the quarter was Sunday afternoon jam sessions in which several musically talented members got together to entertain themselves and those in the lounge. There were two such sessions. Word around the branch is that they were well received and are likely to become a regular monthly feature, although probably not until regular activities start up again in the autumn. Let us hope that this is another one of those activities like Trivia Night which quickly grew into a popular and regular feature.

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APRIL 2013



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APRIL 2013

Page # 6
APRIL 2013


On the occasion of Branch 94’s fiftieth anniversary Buck Wells prepared the following brief history of the Ex-Service Men’s League of Greenfield Park and made a brief presentation which also follows.


The club was formed shortly after the 1914-18 war by a group of Greenfield Park veterans. Initially located at 22 St. Charles Road it remained there for approximately 15 years.

When the building formerly occupied by Myerson’s Store at 104 Edward Blvd., (now Churchill Blvd.) became vacant, it was decided to move to the new location, being closer to the center of the community. Both the building on St. Charles and the one on Churchill Blvd., are still standing today. Directly across the boulevard from the club was the Meteors softball field. One of our current members played for the women’s team.

In 1943, when our branch was formed, a good number of these ex-service men joined. Three years later, in 1946, the first world war two veteran, Billy Mitchell, M.C., was elected president.

Meetings were held in the old town hall, then located near the corner of Churchill and Springfield. Prior to being taken over by the town, the building was known as Beechap Hall and served as a social center where dances, etc., were held. This building no longer exists.


To begin with I would like to say welcome and how nice it is to see so many familiar faces. I’m sorry that more of our out-of-town comrades were unable to be with us to share in this evening’s celebration.

In presenting a short history of Branch 94 one must keep within the confines of the general growth of the branch within the community and overlook the tireless efforts of the many individual members.

The Town of Greenfield Park received its charter in 1911. Three years later World War one was declared. Between 1914 and 1918, forty percent of the town’s population left to fight for a free world. During the following twenty-one years of peace, the Ex-Service Men’s Club of Greenfield Park was formed and became active in the field of veteran’s welfare.

Then came World War Two and again Greenfield Park answered the call. In the archives of the Town are testimonials signed by war time Prime Minister the late Honourable W.L. MacKenzie King and his defence Minister the late Honourable J.L. Ralston stating that Greenfield Park, on a per Capita basis, gave the greatest number of men and women to our country’s forces than any other community in Canada.

This then was a fitting background for a branch in our municipality. In October 1943, the secretary of the town, Ernie Nightingale, received a letter from our late Comrade Dave Taggart who at the time was Chairman, Branch Relations Committee, Montreal District, requesting a meeting with town officials for the purpose of organizing a local branch of the Legion. After several meetings with Pro-Mayor Bill Nelan it happened and on Nov. 26, 1943 the branch was born. Copies of the letters involved are on display this evening here in the arena.

For those not familiar with our branch the lounge entrance also bears the name David M. Taggart Lounge in memory of Comrade Dave.

The early years were spent leasing space in the old Town Hall. With membership increasing we planned and saved. In 1949 the first sod was turned at the present site by our late Comrade President Harry Wells. Due to continued membership growth still more space was needed. In 1958, the first sod was turned for the building extension by Comrade Pierre Sevigny, Federal Deputy for Longueuil.

In the fifty years since its inception the branch has grown from its original 15 to its present membership of 620.

No Legion branch is complete without the Ladies Auxiliary. Throughout the years our branch happens to have been blessed with a group of devoted well organized ladies who have on so many occasions given of their time to assist the branch in so many ways. I would like to thank those ladies with us this evening and those who for various reasons are unable to be with us. Thank you for a job well done.

Continued on Page 7

Page # 7
APRIL 2013


Comrades and Ladies this has been a condensed version of the history of Branch 94 but I wonder what individual memories will be tonight. During the social this evening we will probably hear some tall tales of the good old days. To start your memory perculating just think of the old field days, the honey buckets, our fastball team, Glennie and Bert, Herbie Stewart and his tiny bubbles, Jack Findlay, Karl Thatcher, Jack Bennett, etc.

Prior to closing I would like to express my thanks to Fred Nightingale, Harold Corey and Andrea Main for their assistance in preparing this summary of events.
Thank you for your attention and enjoy



Page # 8
APRIL 2013


Members gathered in the hall on January 26th to pay homage to those who during 2012 served the branch so well. The following morning this report by James Bird appeared on the Coffee club internet site.

“But last night at the Greenfield Park Legion it was far from quiet with a parking lot full of cars and with Legionaires and Special Guests streaming in to the building where it was Awards Night.... And Awards there were. For those of you who so generously donate you time to make the Legion and our Town a great place to be from. There were awards to those of you who gave so generously of your time in the Poppy Campaign and to Legion Members who serve in so many function which make this Legion something to be truly proud of. Then there were special Plaques presented to the Mike Reid Baseball Tournament and to The Old Timers Hockey Tournament who support Multiple Volunteer Programs. But the best of all was the Standing Ovations given to those members who received Medals for the long standing Membership and they ranged from 50 Years to 65 Years as members of our Legion. A big thanks to Andrea Main who was our MC and was our Hostess with the Mostess last night and did a great job of keeping order with this potentially rowdy crowd as this Gang wanted to party. Well after the awards ceremony the music started and is was dancing and singing and I have to tell you there were some pretty serious Line Dancers out there and the Disco Ducks who pointed there fingers to the sky as the BGee songs played and yes they got to shake their booty. Again the Ladies Auxiliary made sure there was a late night Sandwiches and Cakes and gallons of Coffee and Tea which was most appreciated by all. I know some of you are wondering?? Did he Dance. Well due to the insistence of Shilla Geraghty I laid my cane on the table and yes I did Boogie hopefully by next year the New bionic Hip will allow me to stop using the cane. Any ways all and all it was a great night and I got to meet some really great Parkers who JUST DO It and Make things Happen. I am James from Black Gold & Texas Tea the Legions Friday Morning Coffee Club who are there to serve the Legion who serve our great Community. A La Prochaine “

The honourees who attended are shown on the following pages receiving and displaying their medals and certificates. They all merit our thanks for their service over the years. President Lew Brown and Past-President Bruce Robertson gave Officers Medals and Bars to:



Lew Brown receiving President’s Medal and Bar

Lew Brown presenting Cheryl Moores with her 1st Vice-President Bar

Julia Shapcott receiving her Executive Committee Medal and Bar

Glenn Cantwell also received his Medal and Bar for Executive Committee service

Naomi Malo receives Medal & Bar for 1st Vice-President

Ann Broden receiving her 2nd Vice-President Medal & Bar

Julia Shapcott receives a bar for serving as L.A. Membership Chairperson

Unfortunately Francine Cantwell was unable to be present to receive her bar for her second term as President of the L.A.

Page # 9
APRIL 2013


The following members and friends of the branch were cited for their participation in the poppy campaign. Those in attendance are pictured below with Poppy Chairman Jack Gammon and Donna Demmick (center of photo) who presented the certificates. Additional photos can be found in the Poppy Fund Report on Page 22.




It was then H .& A. Committee member Joe Bockus turn to give out some citations. Joe presented Certificates of Appreciation to those rendering exceptional service to the branch in 2012. The following were cited.




Page # 10
APRIL 2013


President Lew Brown and Past President Bruce Robertson presented Jean Harrison and Monique Lebel with Quebec Command Achievement Awards recognizing the service both have rendered branch 94 over many years. They then had the pleasure of presenting a 50 year long service medal. To Jim Small. There was also a 50 Year medal for William Jackson who was not present.

Jean Harrison


Monique Lebel


Comrade James Small


Next came the presentation of three Friendship Awards in recognition the help and cooperation extended to the branch by those being recognized for their efforts on this night. The awards were presented by President Lew Brown and Past-President Bruce Robertson to:





Unfortunately the third recipient—Rick Cannon of Copie Express was unable to attend and received his plaque at a later date.

The last presentations of the evening were long service medals to two of our longest serving veterans. Both received extended standing ovations.










COMRADE ERNEST TOMBS also has been a member of the branch for 65 years. As he is currently living in Florida his pins have been forwarded to him.

Unable to attend the evenings festivities to receive certificates of appreciation for their efforts on behalf of the branch and the Poppy Fund were the Centennial Cadet corps and members of the Pathfinders/Rangers. Members of both groups received their certificates in separate ceremonies held at their meeting locations.


Page # 11
APRIL 2013


Chairperson of the Honours and Awards Committee Andrea Main, President Lew Brown, Poppy Trust Fund Chairman Jack Gammon, Claudette Lapointe and Popy Trust Treasurer Donna Demmick visited the Pathfinders/Rangers to distribute Appreciation certificates.



Honours and Awards Committee members Andrea Main and Joe Bockus along with Poppy Trust Chairman Jack Gammon and Past President Bruce Robertson with Centennial Cadets and their Appreciation Certificates


The last issue featured the Branch and community service. It is indeed heartening that in this our seventieth year three of our members received the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal - not for work they have done within the Legion, but for service to the community. Peggy Ring, Jack Gammon and Jim Gingera received their medals at different times. At the time of our Honours and Awards night Peggy and Jim had already been presented theirs by Sadia Groguhé, M.P., at her office in St. Lambert. Jack received his on February 9th in Brossard from Hoang Ma, M.P. for Brossard & Laprarie.

More on the Jubilee medal recipients on Page 15.


Peggy Ring and Jack Gammon being recognized for their achievements at the Honours and Awards night in January.




Firstly, on behalf of the Ways & Means, to Francine Cantwell, Naomi Malo, Shirley Miller, Shirley Chaif, Anne Broden, Sue Monk, Julia Shapcott, Andrea Main, Lorna Beckett, Monique LaBel, Patrick White, Rob Forbes, Lew Brown, Gerry & Glenn Cantwell, Jim Gingeras, and last but not least, my husband, Randy Moores, I would like to say thank you very much for all of your help not only for the event itself, but to those of you that were there for me in the weeks leading up to the St Valentines Event, St. Patrick’s Day entire weekend, Murder Mystery Event and also 90% of the events that are carried out at Branch 94 through the organization of other committees of the Branch.

Hats off as well to Jerry Guerin who can usually be seen with a camera at most Branch Functions, including our General Meetings.

NO “ONE” PERSON COULD CARRY OUT THESE EVENTS WITHOUT ALL OF YOUR DEDICATION AND HARD WORK! It is great having team players such as the numerous people that VOLUNTEER on a REGULAR basis. Branch 94 is very fortunate to have the loyal hard working members that we have. Without all of us, now and over the past years, our “Veterans’” may not have a place to go where they can call their own, to sit and reminisce together in the building they, among others who unfortunately are not with us, built 70 years ago.

Page # 12
APRIL 2013

Continued from Page 11


St. Valentine’s Day Event

From all reports, Valentine’s Day afternoon & supper went off very well. Gerry played to a large group of members/guests who enjoyed an afternoon of music and plenty of dancing in the lounge, while a number of others played darts in the hall followed by an “Italian Pasta Bake” served with Caesar Salad. An enjoyable time was had by all and the lounge was full until just after 7:30pm. Many thanks once again, to all who helped out with this event and all of you that came out for the fun.

St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

Before the ”Green Weekend” began, Sue Monk, decorated the hall with Claudette Besner and Claudette Lapointe (thank you very much ladies) adding some “Irish” touches to the lounge, setting the scene for Eddie Z to bring on the Irish music Friday night, and that, he certainly did. I am sure that everyone that was there would agree that he was fantastic. What a great Friday for Branch 94. Not only was the lounge hopping until well after midnight, I honestly cannot remember when the lounge was so full on a Friday night. Here’s hoping Shirley can get Eddie Z back once again next year.

Leading up to Saturdays Event:

George Tyssen, thank you once again for traditionally making the long trip to the supplier of the Corned Beef way up north east of Montreal. With the aid of the many helpers the Corned Beef Dinner as well Francine’s Irish Stew turned out great. On Thursday and/or Friday our VEGETABE CUTTERS; Francine Cantwell, Naomi Malo, Andrea Main, Charlotte Rye, Lorna Beckett, Robin Dalton, Pat Anderson, Lew Brown and Henry Frail as well as myself peeled, chopped & sliced pots of healthy veggies to prepare for both meals. After the corned beef was cooked and cooled, the CORNED BEEF CARVERS (and official taste testers) Todd and Cindy Smith, Jim Gingeras & Kelly Hamblin, Randy & myself, made sure that everything was sliced and put away for the big day. Then came the SETTING UP OF THE HALL; SherrieQQ., Glenn Cantwell, TABLE SETTERS; Shirley Miller, Julia Shapcott & Sue Monk, RUNNERS; Naomi Malo, Celina Windsor, Todd Smith & Wayne Pregent, SERVERS; Francine Cantwell, Robin Dalton, Cindy Smith, Kelly Hamblin, Sue Monk, ticket takers Shirley Miller & Andrea Main. OOPS – almost forgot the Dill Pickles quartered to perfection by our official Dill man – Rob Forbes! . Dinner was served! A SELL OUT EVENT!

From all reports, the meal was very good, there was plenty for everyone and everything went off like clockwork. As usual a lot of our members and guests helped with the cleanup of tables in the hall and the music began. Duo Rockin’ did a fine job keeping the dance floor full for most of the night. The played nonstop only taking one very short break throughout the entire night mixing in some Irish tunes with their vast variety of good old dancing music. Thanks to Monique and Cathy Slater who did a stellar job on the half & half. The lucky winner took home $201.00.

Then came Irish Coffee Sunday with Ted “O’ Danko” performing to a “Full House” in the lounge while another I’d say 25 of our members were playing darts in the hall. Another fun time for the members and their guests that came out to celebrate St. Pats on the actual day. There was some pretty good Karaoke as well as some not so good but lots of fun to watch. Next time you happen by the Branch check out the “digital picture viewer” at the front entrance before you enter the lounge. You might catch a glimpse of some of the happy faces that you may know very well, having a good time.

Thanks also to Monique for a hefty half & half of $131.00.

Francine’s Irish Stew was served by Naomi Malo, Andrea Main and Jim Small at about 4:30pm, just after the raffle was drawn. Francine, the stew was absolutely delicious. We most certainly will have to increase the recipe for next year. Everyone enjoyed it and I did not hear even one complaint and to be perfectly honest even if I had heard a complaint, believe me it would have fallen on deaf ears. Ted played until at least 7:30pm. From Eddie Z on Friday and Duo Rockin’ Saturday to Ted “O’Danko” on Sunday, this was a great weekend for Branch 94 – Great workers + Great music + Great support by our members &
their guests = A very great bar and we can all take a bow for making this happen!

Continued on Page13

Page # 13
APRIL 2013


Murder Mystery Roast Beef Dinner

A sellout evening of good food and entertainment by Doc McCoy and his team of actors. The evening started with “hors dourves” being served while the actors mingled from table to table setting the scene of Camp Holly Hills. “AND THE PLOT BEGINS’ Shirley Chaif cooked up a delicious roast beef while Naomi Malo took care of the special parsley potatoes, broccoli & carrots, which was topped by a very tasty gravy. The actors took their place at the tables while Shirley Chaif, Naomi Malo, Jim Gingeras , Kelly Hamlin and I filled the plates served to the audience by Shirley Miller, Andrea Main, Lorna Beckett & Julia Shapcott. Then we scooted back to our seats so that we did not miss too much of the show. Our Waiter, Rob Forbes and Waitress Naomi Malo served drinks throughout the show so that our guests would not miss anything. The plot thickened and one dead, two dead, three dead! OMG who done it! At the end of the show there was only one person that guessed the right answer – Christine Latter! Well done Christine. You really had to be there to get the true picture (see photos on next page) so maybe we will do another one next year. Rumour has it that the people that came out really enjoyed the entire evening.



Sunday April 21st – Come down and join in if you would like to try your hand at “FUN DARTS” at 1:00pm “JAM SESSION” starts around 2:pm for those interested in joining in on the fun



Saturday May 4th Come down to the lounge and watch the KENTUCKY DERBY with Art Holden and some of our other VETERANS. Don’t forget to get your chance to get in on the winnings! Light refreshments will be served during the race.
Friday June 7th Annual Branch 94 Open Golf Tournament - see June calendar for details
Monday July 1st Canada Day Celebrations – Bar- B – Q – Steak Dinner with all the trimmings Tickets will go on sale May 17th (behind the bar)


Page # 14
APRIL 2013



Page # 15
APRIL 2013





The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal was created to commemorate the 2012 celebrations of Her Majesty’s 60 years on the throne. It was meant to honour the Queen for her service to this country and at the same time recognize Canadians who had made significant contributions to their province, territory or country or an achievement abroad which brought credit to Canada.

Sixty thousand Canadians across the country were to be honoured.

We take pride that in this our 70th anniversary year three of our members received the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal. Sadia Groguhe presented Peggy Ring and Jim Gingera with their medals at a ceremony held in St. Lambert. Jack Gammon received his from Mr. Hoang Ma, M.P at a ceremony in Brossard.

Peggy was accompanied by her two daughters who came in from Ottawa for the occasion and Kelly Hamblin accompanied Jim. In Brossard Jack’s two sons, his grandson and Claudette Lapointe witnessed the presentation.

An interesting aside is that ten years ago when we were celebrating our sixtieth anniversary 5 of our members received the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal. They were Ray Langstaff, Bernie Constantini, Len Davis, Art Howe and Armand Fortin. As proclaimed on our cover we have a tradition of service to our veterans and our community. There have been many awards received by the branch through the years. We are proud that individual members are being recognized for their contributions. The tradition continues!







Page # 16
APRIL 2013


Some of our branch’s veterans participated in The Memory Project. For those without access to the internet site we will over the coming months reprint the transcripts and photos from the site until we have covered all of their stories. This issue features Art Holden. Future issues will cover Harry Devy, Percy Jackson, Joe Bockus and John Bennett


Volunteer Service Medal
War Medal (1939-45)
1939-45 Star



Mr. Arthur Holden enlisted in the Militia in 1938 and went overseas the next year with the 1st Canadian Infantry Division. Having served until 1944 wi th The Royal Mont real Reg iment , he was then transferred shortly before D-Day to the 28th Armoured Regiment (The British Columbia Regiment) of the 4th Canadian (Armoured) Division where he fought from
Normandy up to Germany.

[Serving in the pre-war Non-Permanent Active Militia]

I was in the Reserve [the Canadian Non-Permanent Active Militia] whenwas16 and when the War started I was
17 and I joined the active [the Permanent Active Militia], and I went overseas with the 1st Division [the 1st Canadian Infantry Division]. My brother was in the Reserve and he said, ‘maybe you'll like it. It’s only one night a week in summer camp,’ so I joined and I joined The Royal Montreal Regiment and I was in the band for a while and I went to Saint-Bruno [Quebec] and Valcartier [Quebec] for summer exercises, and I enjoyed it. When the War...actually it was August 26th [1939] before the War was declared, I was called up and asked if I would like to be on the quarter guard and the regimental armouries on Saint Catherine Street in Montreal. So I went there and I stayed there until the War started and then I automatically signed up [in September 1939]

[Training as Machine Gunner]

Actually I was trained as a machine gunner, Vickers machine gunner [the British water-cooled Vickers machine gun]; that’s because the regiment was MG. It was a machine gun regiment. That's why when we were overseas, in 1944 they dissolved the Regiment, because they figured they had too many machine gun regiments and it was sort of going out of style, you know, and so we became a reconnaissance unit. Then they dissolved that and before D-Day [the Normandy invasion of June 6th 1944] they put us all in different armoured units. I went to the British Columbia Regiment [28th Armoured Regiment (The British Columbia Regiment), BCR] and I was a wireless Corporal in the [Q] and when I went over there I became a Sergeant with the BCR, and I was in charge of the wireless for the Regiment.

[The Northwest Europe Campaign, 1944-1945]

After that, we seemed to go fast. We crossed the [Seine] River at Rouen, I think, below Paris and then we went of course, when we went to Belgium, it wasn’t a touch; everything was untouched, so we went through Belgium pretty fast and then we got into the Scheldt [a river that crosses Northern France, Western Belgium and the Southwestern part of The Netherlands] and then Holland, Bergen op Zoom. As a matter of fact, we were on Dutch farms and, over Christmas, I even went skating on Christmas Day [1944] with the Dutch wooden skates, because the Germans flooded the dykes and it was all water and they froze, so I got on. I didn't last long on the wooden skates, I’ll tell you, but, no, we had people like...we used to meet every morning and, you know, we had one girl, she used to come over there and bring us some eggs from the farm and we’d give her cigarettes and boiled sweets, and canned goods and they loved that.


Page # 17
APRIL 2013


[Managing the Regimental communications on the battlefields]


The Infantry had these walkie-talkies and we had the 19 sets in the tanks [the Wireless Set No. 19, a British mobile radio transceiver], which I was teaching the rest to do and how to operate, because I went on several courses in England on wireless school, and...so it wasn’t like it is today where everybody’s got a cell phone. Every morning I had to bring them all onto the same frequency; at five o’clock I did that in the morning and it was all we had; our codes/frequencies given to by our Command and I had to get them all in the battalion and then communicate with the Corps and everything else, and sometimes it was with Morse Code and sometimes it was by speech, depending.

The 19 set was a three-way set. You have your intercom in the tank, you have between the squadron and then you have the long range for the battalion, so when we switched from Infantry [as the BCR became an armoured unit], I'd been on a lot of courses, [Q], so I was teaching the Officers the wireless, how to operate you know, because they had no idea of the procedure and everything else, so that's what I did and when we went operational, well, it was all the time. It wasn’t perfect. It was very hard to use to net in and they had four screws on the main dial, you know. If you didn't get it right, you'd get a lot of whistles and if you imagine if you've got 50 guys in different tanks and they're trying to net into your signal, it’s not easy.


Newspaper clip from The Montreal Star showing the four Holden brothers serving during the Second World War. From left to right: Cecil, Arthur, Leonard and Henry. Henry was serving with the Permanent Force and Arthur was doing militia service with the Royal Montreal Regiment before the war.

NB— Medals for service in the Armed Forces are worn on the left breast and those for Legion service on the right. Among the Legion medals Art has earned are Past President of Branch 94 and the Legion’s Meritorious Service Medal awarded for outstanding service to the Royal Canadian Legion.



When we watch our children at play
When we safely walk our streets
And when we vote for our politician of choice
Let us remember that a price was paid
For this freedom and security we enjoy
So while the opportunity is here, let us take a moment
to thank a vet and shake his hand .


Page # 18
APRIL 2013





Our thanks to the following:

The “500” Club
Allan Wiggins for coordinating the February Crib Tournament.
Ethel Teague & Family.



Through the years the Coverall has for the most part reported events that occurred within our walls. From time to time articles or items deemed to be of possible interest to our members have been included. Occasionally branch members have been featured because they have made major contributions to the community or have received rewards not directly related to the Legion. For example this issue features an article on three branch members who received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for contributions which were for the most part beyond the scope of activities normally associated with the Legion.

These photos - of Neil, one of our bartenders, and Jim Bechard taking ipad lessons and of Amy King’s fishing adventure in Newfoundland this summer (the cod was 37 inches long) show that our members do things and have interesting experiences well beyond our fence.



The fisherman had to knock this fish on the head a few times when we finally landed it in the boat. Four of us rented a fishing boat and we were allowed to catch only 15 fish. We caught them all within about 40 minutes. Mine was the biggest but there was not one under 30” and in fact the fisherman threw back one that was about 25 inches because he said we could do better than that.



If you have an interesting adventure or an experience you would like to share please e-mail it to us at ecurbten@yahoo.ca or put it in an envelope addressed to “The Coverall” and leave it at the bar. The future of this feature is entirely dependent on your participation.

When Branch 94 was born the bread man and the milkman made daily deliveries in horse drawn wagons and in the winter the snow was cleared from the sidewalks by wooden plows pulled along by a horse with the driver standing on the plow to prevent it from bouncing in the snow.


Page # 19
APRIL 2013



Drawing for the Ladies Auxiliary/Branch raffle winners:
1st Prize 2 Hockey tickets Elsie Bannister
2nd Prize Signed hockey stick Dave Williamson
3rd Prize $100.00 SAQ Card Glen Bryson

Thanks to your support we were able to realize a profit of $1007.00 to be used for our annual Veteran’s picnic in August at Ste. Anne’s. Because of the following sponsors we did not have any expenses therefore 100% is going to the picnic.


Hockey Tickets   Redbourne Group
Signed hockey stick (Louis Leblanc)   Suzanne & Jean St. Martin
$100.00 SAQ Card   Cheryl & Randy Moores



Our Spring Flea Market will be held on Sunday June 2nd from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. There are still a few tables available. To reserve a table please call Shirley Miller 450-923-5610. We do need donations however due to a lack of storage space we ask that these be brought to the Branch one week before the event – the last week of May. Please NO CLOTHES OR BOOKS this time. We do need baked goods as the BakeTable is always a favourite. As usual breakfast will be served at 9:00 a.m. and lunch at 12:00 p.m. Please come out and join us on June 2nd - lots of good bargains for all.



Do you have a special event coming up this summer? Why not contact Naomi Malo, President of the Ladies Auxiliary 438-862-2134. She will be happy to discuss a menu with you.



We are always looking for new members. If you have time to spare and wish to join the Ladies Auxiliary we would be happy to welcome you into our group. For more information speak to our Membership Chairperson Julia Shapcott 450-466-9361. She will be able to answer any of your questions.


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APRIL 2013



Since our last Coverall we initiated:



Noreen Toner, Brenda Norman, Pete Kinsey, John Burn and Shiela Bjork
at the General Meeting Wednesday January 23rd.



Vimala Naidoo, at the Friday January 25th meeting of the Coffee Club



Kelly Hamblin on February 13th witnessed by Jim Gingera
and members of the Branch executive



Andre Berdais – March 10th initiated by
Shirley Miller witnessed by Jack Gammon



Paul Boudreau – March 24th initiated by
Shirley Miller witnessed by John Geraghty



Sandra Ann McLean at the Coffee Club
on Friday March 29, 2013



Again we are approaching that time of year when people move. Please remember to tell us when you change your address or your phone number. We do try through our phone committee and e-mail list to reach all members to inform them of meetings and up coming events. Unfortunately there are many times when we are unable to provide information because they forgot to tell us about their changed situation.


Your membership committee:
Shirley Miller
Francine Cantwell
Monique Lebel
Bruce Robertson
Julia Shapcott


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APRIL 2013


Gilles Labrie, CD
Courtier immobilier
Cell: 514- 917-2479
Bur: 450-462-4414
Fax: 450-462-1509
Groupe sutton action inc.
agence immobilière
2190, Lapinière
Brossard, QC



The simple reason is that everybody wanting to buy property in Canada has to be able to pay for it. Mortgage institutions, chartered banks and companies demand security. Furthermore you cannot buy without making a down payment. (Actually you can but, as of today, the interest rate is about 5.8% compared to 2.89%.) Under Quebec law banks can exercise their right to repossess property when payment is in default. Normally it takes about 10 months for a case to reach a judge. During this wait the property cannot be sold. This is yet another reason to make sure that you can pay before committing to buy.


Motivated owners sell at current market prices but homes that are overpriced do not sell. Speculating on prices rarely yields positive results. Buyers shop to get “top bang for their buck”. Actually compared to last year demand has dropped about 20% but prices remain the same as last year, perhaps a smidgen more.


The number of days a home remains on the market have increased. The time when multiple offers were received and a home sold in just a few days are few and far between nowadays.


I have for my part started to have a few buyer’s on contract because I can find a property for a buyer at ‘’ for sale by owner’’ or a property that is not for sale (Yet). I work hard to find the property that the buyer’s wants.


I find terrible that seniors in retirement homes pay huge rents for what they get and for the use they make of the facilities My own dad went into a retirement home because his wife was too ill and it was getting too hard for him to care for her. She has passed on but my dad still lives there. He has been there for more than 3 years and the rent paid has made a big hole in his bank account. So I am coming up with something new and much more affordable.

Classified ads
(Business card size - $25.00/4”x6” - 37.50/ 1/2 page - $50.00/ full page - $100.00)


HYMN # 365

A minister was completing a temperance sermon. With great emphasis he said, 'If I had all the beer in the world, I'd take it and pour it into the river.'

With even greater emphasis he said, 'And if I had All the wine in the world, I'd take it and pour it into the river.'

And then finally, shaking his fist in the air, he said, And if I had all the whiskey in the world, I'd take it and pour it into the river.'

Sermon complete, he sat down...

Then the song leader stood and very cautiously announced with a smile, nearly laughing, ' For our closing song, let us sing Hymn #365, 'Shall We Gather at the River.

Smile - life is too short not to!!
See you at the river!


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APRIL 2013


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APRIL 2013

Bits and Pieces from Here and There

Julie Brault presenting a cheque for $1,098.00 to President Lew Brown on behalf of the 500 Club.


The1979 CGG Centennial Cadet Corps, whom we sponsor, will be holding their annual parade on May 25th. In honour of our 70th anniversary and as a tribute to our veterans they will be assembling outside our branch and parading to the arena where they the review will be held .

Members who have attended our annual Remembrance Dinner and the parade will know what a great bunch of kids this group is. The Corps is growing and it would be nice to see a good turnout of members and veterans to witness this short parade and applaud the efforts of these young men and women. .

Congratulations to Glenn Cantwell on being elected 3rd Vice President and to Amy King on her election to the Executive Committee at our March General meeting. After failing to get a quorum in February, primarily due to a major snow storm, it was nice to see 47 members
turnout for the March meeting. Even more gratifying was the participation of so many of our newer members in the discussions.


Shirley Chaif Celebrates a Birthday.
Again we’ll steal from the Coffee Club site and let James Bird tell the story

Well we were signed in and a smiling greeting from Shirley Chaif a great lady who makes sure we are well taken care of with her home baking and Mugs of hot Coffee to go along with the goodies. Well we got settled in and it was like someone opened the flood gates and people started to come in and more and more coffee was served (12 pots) and at last count there was over 47 people and the buzz from all those people sure made the Legion Main Hall Hum. Cathia Mavrikakis and Sherry Romanado-Morgan it was good to see you and a Tip of the Hat for all the work you are doing with the Air Cadets. So here is hoping you will come back and join us again. There must be Elections coming up because we had Dan Lamoureaux and Bob Miles and Mick O’Grady all enjoying the coffee and carrying on great conversations with many of the gang in attendance. So it was Shirleys Birthday Saturday so I arranged with our Cake lady Bev Golding to make one of her famous Almond Cakes which we hid in the cloak room and as soon as Don was finished burning himself while lighting the candles and was slowly walking towards the Main hall I had everyone stand and face the Bar and we all sang Happy Birthday to Shirley. ( Yes there was a couple of tears and lots of surprised smiles from her ) Well I am sure glad to see that everyone enjoyed the cake and it was like someone waved their Magic Wand and Poof>>>>. The cake was gone in a matter of minutes. (Really you guys have to start Eating breakfast before you join us on Friday Mornings or we are going to have to start giving free Insulin Shots.) Sugar High!!!! Any ways what a day it was and it was good to see you all having so much fun and we are looking forward to seeing you in the near future. Oh and FYI You don’t need a hand written invitation just come on down Friday Mornings at 11:00am and Join in the Fun.

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